Norma Kamali Pre-Fall 2021

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When originally planning the 2021 pre-fall collection, Norma Kamali was working six months out, but decided it wasn’t favorable in the world’s current climate after conversations with retail partners. “I thought that was going to be a really good thing for us, where we could do two big collections and make a statement with it, but it’s really not conducive to our industry,” she explained over Zoom, noting that some retail partners, especially in these tough, vulnerable times, instead preferred to buy “as close to the date it’s being shipped.”

However, with a vaccine on the horizon, Kamali is optimistic, citing the experience as a learning curve, and believes her customer is, too. Pre-fall debuts this optimism through fun, happy clothes once again.

The designer not only carried over tie-dye and denim from spring, but also the ethos, “to bring forth joy and uplift women.” Vibrant colors drove the point home. Happy yellow and hot pink fashions were the collection’s strong point (and a favorite with buyers, Kamali noted) and ranged from signature sets to playful dresses and velvet offerings. For those ready to get dressed-up (but still be comfortable), go dancing and embrace summer’s anticipated brighter reality, Kamali’s wardrobe is ready.

Norma Kamali Pre-Fall 2021

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