Mystic Meg reveals what the stars have in store for your career and bank balance in 2021

LOOKING to boost your career or bank balance in 2021?

Mystic Meg has consulted the stars to help you make the right decisions.

Today, in part three of our Stars Of 2021 series, she outlines what’s in store for you in work and money matters.


March 21 — April 20

WINNING AT WORK: As you step into 2021, your key career skill is an ability to get on with anyone and bring a team together.

Even if you are more used to working alone, Saturn gives you so much patience, while the sun adds warmth and the chance to step away from stale plans.

SECRET SKILLS: Uranus brings you surprise money-making and saving abilities. The moment you apply yourself to cash puzzles or contests, it all starts to make sense.

MONEY MATTERS: Your year begins with Mars’s impulsive generosity. Your first task is to limit the sums you give or lend to others. Learning to be more flexible and not fixate on dates or results is your main cash lesson.

LUCKY NAMES: The relative or friend with the longest name, and a lucky number starts with 88.


April 21 — May 21

WINNING AT WORK: Kick off this year with a to-do work list you don’t share with anyone and make it as ambitious as you like.

February 11, May 11 and October 6 are great decision-making dates, when a new moon adds extra daring to your career ambitions.

SECRET SKILLS: Uranus spends the year in your star space and this boosts confidence. Dig deep for lost talents and a family history full of surprises.

MONEY MATTERS: You have Mars’s flair for spending and saving. By early March, when the dynamic planet hits your money zone, you will be ready to commit to an expensive buy or a new way of making extra cash.

LUCKY NAMES: Friends and family who have changed their name, addresses linked to “River”, and numbers that add up to 101 bring a well-timed boost.


May 22 — June 21

WINNING AT WORK: Ruling planet Mercury starts your career chart in style. By March 15 you’ve sorted several offers, and a few wild cards.

By November 5 you will feel at home in a new position. Saturn makes you a steady learner, so look into extra qualifications.

SECRET SKILLS: You have a talent for keeping secrets and taking on new identities, thanks to Uranus’s position in your chart. Jobs with an undercover element and writing blogs or novels can work out well.

MONEY MATTERS: The first three months of 2021 may not be the simplest in money terms, but they are doing the groundwork for a big shift around April 23. You are brave enough to ask for cash or other help to be repaid.

LUCKY NAMES: A fresh face or voice on a long-time favourite TV show, and watch out for numbers that start and end with 2.


June 22 — July 22

WINNING AT WORK: Transform- ation power is a major theme. If you see yourself in a new role or with new qualifications, use this time to step things up.

Saturn is in your reinvention zone, bringing stamina to win a race, even when others drop out.

SECRET SKILLS: Uranus doubles your charm and charisma and makes socialising a breeze. Jobs in events, theatre, film and helping others to blossom all work for you.

MONEY MATTERS: Finding ways to take the emotion out of cash transactions is your challenge, and you are so ready for it.

A cooler approach adds confidence to your negotiating. Selling on social media is a hotline to cash in the autumn.

LUCKY NAMES: A keen collector of mirrors or items made of glass can help, as can a woman who recently joined your workplace.


July 23 — August 23

WINNING AT WORK: Mars fires up your career chart from the start with an ambition rollercoaster ride from January 6 to March 4 — it’s your time to say yes to every opportunity.

By the time of your high-achieving new moon on May 11, a new work path is obvious.

SECRET SKILLS: It’s no surprise that you have leadership skills but this year Uranus’s influence puts them to work in different ways — with younger or older people perhaps, or working with animals.

MONEY MATTERS: It is your time to discover how collaborative you can be. That might mean linking your cash with others, making joint decisions or investments or just sharing money choices.

LUCKY NAMES: Someone who shares your work journey, and a neighbour with a new vehicle or a new pet.


August 24 — September 22

WINNING AT WORK: January to May is a great time to reformat your work future. Your plans may become unsettled from early August to mid-October but only so you can improve them.

High-concept ideas find a surprise home at the end of November.

SECRET SKILLS: Developing a new way of teaching is your Uranus 2021 gift. At first it may not be obvious how to use this, but by the end of the year you’ll see. A strategy you initiate can spread all over the world.

MONEY MATTERS: You learn to trust your judgment, handle more risks and find ways to say no to people who are all take.

LUCKY NAMES: Taurus and Capricorn people are lucky for you, especially if born on the same day of the week or at a similar time.


September 23 — October 23

WINNING AT WORK: You have a hot Jupiter mix of bravery and outrageous one-off ideas, plus the energy to make them work.

Your work year will be a wild ride but thrilling. From June 25 to December 1, a job linked to the senses reappears. Say yes.

SECRET SKILLS: A role helping people discuss their past and grow towards a better future is a good fit. Calming others is a surprise way to calm your own thoughts.

MONEY MATTERS: Saturn in your impulse zone curbs spending. If you’ve struggled to save up, now you nail it. Major buys including key travel and celebration dates can happen faster than you expect.

LUCKY NAMES: Writing letters or figures in boxes, the names of US states and a Gemini who loves to make you laugh all promise good fortune for you in 2021.


October 24 — November 22

WINNING AT WORK: You may not feel like big career jumps but there is so much you can do where you are, such as taking on extra qualifications or developing property negotiation or decoration skills.

Trust your judgment.

SECRET SKILLS: Uranus suggests linking closer to the law, with a part-time role in uniform or a volunteer task linked to advising on legal matters. You could also write a story, with a law maker or breaker as the main character.

MONEY MATTERS: Making money from your home or other people’s can boost income. A mysterious money full moon on May 26 is your cue to listen to that voice in your mind that directs you to an unusual investment.

LUCKY NAMES: People who work up high, or in jobs linked to the sky, and a Pisces who wears initial jewellery.


November 23 — December 21

WINNING AT WORK: You get off to a flying start with Mars firing up your career sector from January 6 to March 4, then helping you build on this positive profile to a Sagittarius triumph in mid-December.

Dust off your dream as it is close to coming true. July 29 is a date to think big. You have an opportunity-knocking full moon on October 20.

SECRET SKILLS: Uranus wakes up buried health and wellbeing skills. Using scents, oils, herbs and hands to have a healing effect can work for you. Give it some thought.

MONEY MATTERS: Pluto retains charge of your cash sector but this can be positive as it breaks a money deadlock and gets you thinking in more inventive ways.

LUCKY NAMES: “S” days in July and August are fortunate, as is an event in the spring that’s been rearranged three times.


December 22 — January 20

WINNING AT WORK: You burst into 2021 with a new outlook thanks to Mercury. You’re a star at reframing obstacles into top opportunities and picking up on subtle work clues and hints.

Sharp eyes and a clear mind speed you through a surprising spring to a career-rich encounter in early May.

SECRET SKILLS: Maybe you see yourself as a practical person, rather than an ideas one. Uranus revises this in 2021 as you start to cash in on the creative you. Party planning, design and performing are a great fit.

MONEY MATTERS: Instead of feeling at the mercy of money changes, you take control and plan a programme of positive steps.

LUCKY NAMES: Someone who makes cash or work decisions for others is lucky for you, especially in summer.


January 21 — February 18

WINNING AT WORK: You’re a mix of ambition and charm, and can spend the first five months exploring unexpected options.

Mars boosts confidence in April and May and leads to a boss role reversal. In October and November there is no stopping a golden goal.

SECRET SKILLS: Share your home furnishing and decorating skills with a wider world. Uranus encourages using colours and textures to change people’s lives.

MONEY MATTERS: January to March you may feel a little at sea money-wise, especially for the first three weeks of February. But hang in there as you’ll come through stronger and more assertive.

LUCKY NAMES AND NUMBERS: A baby born in an “A” month, and people with French-sounding names are starred. Your lucky numbers remind you of your first job or school.


February 19 — March 20

WINNING AT WORK: For the first five months, Jupiter operates in secret, giving you an air of authority that lets colleagues and clients know you are in charge.

So an overdue promotion can appear and you can say no when you need to.

SECRET SKILLS: However shy you may think you are, Uranus reveals communication skills that are second to none. Sending off that story or recording works out well.

MONEY MATTERS: If you assume you always make bad cash decisions, this can change as you develop trust in your judgment. Travel bonuses happen in late April, and December 19 brings a Pisces prize moon.

LUCKY NAMES: A mobile worker can be lucky for you, along with the most party-loving friend in your circle.

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