My no-chemical tip instantly kills weeds – landscapers 'don't want you to know,' it's pet-friendly too | The Sun

A MAN with first-hand experience killing weeds has revealed one of the ways he was able to eradicate the pesky plants.

Taking to social media, he shared his simple method with viewers.

"Here's some tips that your landscapers don't want you to know to get rid of weeds," Collin (@bluemelonco) began in a TikTok video.

"First boil some water. Then, take your boiling pot of water and just pour it directly on the weeds," he explained.

He demonstrated by letting the piping hot water flow onto the weeds.

He added that the tip is chemical-free and pet friendly.


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"Instantly kills weeds without chemicals down to the roots and seeds. Plants hate hot water. The extreme temperature is too much for weeds," Collin explained in the caption.

He added in the comments section of the clip that the boiling water method would make weeds stay away for about a month.

Someone in the comments chimed in with a tip of their own for more efficiency.

"Just the roots. And go low while pouring. Less heat loss," they wrote.

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Another person expressed their preference for natural methods.

"Love nontoxic!!" they exclaimed.

And someone else shared their opposing preference for chemical killers.

"I use chem, it's better at killing everything," they said.

To which Collin cautioned: "Yeah but it can cause other stuff to not grow."

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