My lungs felt like they were filling with quicksand then all five of my family were struck with Covid-19 hell – The Sun

TWO weeks ago, when my lungs started feeling they were filling with quicksand, I knew what I thought was a ‘fluey’ head cold was far worse.

Only a couple days before the first family member, of the five of us who share our family home, fell ill. 

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I was next and then the rest fell like dominoes over the coming week.

It’s the variety of symptoms that’s quite alarming. As well as the classic dry cough, temperature, dizziness, difficulty breathing, and extreme exhaustion we experienced many others. 

Four days in I woke up with bright red flushed cheeks and totally bloodshot eyes. I looked ready to act in a horror film! 

Three of us had terrible piercing headaches. Another two, drenching night sweats. We also had waves of nausea that didn’t result in actual sickness, to this day!

When it began and for the first couple days we kept palming it off as a ‘bad cold’. 

None of us wanted to face facts it was probably Covid-19. Especially me, with my mild-to-moderate asthma because deep down I was silently terrified I’d end up one of the mortality figures. 

Despite being a runner and workout enthusiast, whenever I get a bad cold it goes straight to my chest. 

This nasty thing was no different. However, I didn’t want to alarm my family with my fears so I worked on meditative and calming techniques to ease my anxieties.

Three of us had terrible piercing headaches. Another two, drenching night sweats. We also had waves of nausea that didn’t result in actual sickness, to this day!

The ‘false starts’ were unexpected. One day I’d feel better and do a couple radio interviews about mental health during lockdown. Only to plunge back into total illness.

Thankfully my son and daughter-in-law are living with us, while builders are in their home, because she’s a GP.

She brought home her stethoscope and medical thermometer, checked all of us and said she’d closely monitor us especially if our temperatures increased. 

At that time, we were on average 1.5° above normal. 

She hadn’t yet fallen ill apart from feeling “tired”.

But what frontline doctor doesn’t feel tired now? She was already worried her GP practice had run very low on sanitiser and the right PPE (personal protective equipment) and were waiting for supplies. 

The shocking thing for us was that my husband, 56, who’s lean and very fit, ended up really very poorly. 

We were extremely concerned because he hasn’t had a day off ill in a decade. 

Yet he had the highest fever, couldn’t stop his unrelenting dry cough and couldn’t get off the sofa for hours at a time. 

It got to the point a week ago we were on ‘standby’ to get him to hospital. Thankfully the worst passed for him but only very slowly and to this day he’s still ill. 

It was a week ago my daughter-in-law, who is in her 30s, started noticing her taste and smell were going. 

Within 24 hours she couldn’t taste or smell anything so she contacted her health authority about getting tested.

When speaking to them, she asked if my husband, as the most ill in the family, could also get tested and they said yes. 

That happened March 30th. On the evening of March 31st, they got calls they were positive. 

They were informed we could assume the others of us with the same symptoms, in the family home, were also positive.

What’s also been surprising is the tearfulness myself and my husband have experienced on getting better. 

As a psychologist I think it’s a sense of release from the frightening days we thought my husband and potentially me with my ‘quicksand’ chest would land in hospital. 

The worst-case scenario frequently crossed our minds but we’d now got through the worst. 

I veer from upset to rage far too many ignore the stay at home advice. With four doctors in the extended family, knowing they’re being exposed to a dangerously high viral load, scares me into sleepless nights. 

We’ve been lucky, you may not be, please stay at home and stay away from each other.

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