Mums reveal what they do for kids on Valentine’s Day, from decorations to heart-shaped food but some say it's too much

MUMS have been showing off what they do for their kids on Valentine’s Day, and some pull out all the stops.

From colourful decorations to heart-shaped food and presents, parents have been revealing their very thoughtful traditions.

A mum took to Facebook and started a debate after saying: “What lovely things have you done for your children on Valentine’s day?”

And while some families put aside a lot of time and effort into pulling off a magical day for their kids, other people said they didn’t see why the day should include kids.

One mum showed how she covers the lounge in heart-shaped balloons and petals and puts on a themed feast.

She said: “I always put out a few balloons and decorations for my little girl, make a special afternoon tea and get a little gift like a teddy.

“I’m a single mum and so I want it to be a special day where she can grow up and realise you don’t have to have a partner on Valentine’s Day to feel special, it’s a day of love for everyone.”

Meanwhile another said: “Heart shaped toast. 

“I always do a little something. Even if its something simple. 

“Of course I tell them and show them I love them every day. It's still nice to make the day fun and a touch more special.”

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However, not all parents agreed with all the effort. 

One said: “Hell no! Another way parents can feel that ‘guilt’ unnecessarily for an occasion which I don’t agree with anyway! 

“I show my kids I love them everyday, I don’t need to stress myself out over a day where society is telling me I need to spend extra money!”

Another said: “Parents try to outdo others and it becomes yet another competition to see who does it better. 

“Each to their own definitely but it’s not for me personally as I’m the same and don’t agree with it.”

And a third commented: “I don't understand people getting things for children on Valentine's it's supposed to be for your love or for someone you secretly admire. 

“Save gifts for kids for birthday, Christmas, Easter.”

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