Mum threatened with social services after showing what she feeds her 13-month-old daughter

A MUM has shared the vile messages she’s received online with trolls threatening to call social services – over what she feeds her toddler. 

The mum shared a number of clips to TikTok, under the name Chef Texy, showing the delicious home-cooked food she whips up for her 13-month-old. 

She rustles up pasta with mince meat, chicken curry and even steak for her daughter, but revealed she gets flooded with messages criticising the meals. 

Trolls say the mum, who lives in New York, should have her girl taken away, with some people claiming they’re calling social services. 

One of her videos has since gone viral, racking up 2.7 million views, as it showed the mum scooping out a portion of curry and rice for her daughter in her adorable wooden bowl. 

In it Texy appears to clap back at her haters threatening to call child protection services, as she captioned the video: “Call them. I’m sure they won’t mind a hot meal.”  

Texy shared numerous clips online of various meals she feeds her daughter, showing the messages she received.

One said: “Omg did you just give your 13 months old chicken curry.”

Another said: “What in the dog cat food.”

A third asked: “I'm calling CPS. Who feeds there[sic] child that."

Another mum wrote: “Omg I can’t believe your baby is not vegan.”

Someone else commented: “Omg is that cat food.”

This troll raged: “You need your kid taken away from you.”

Another wrote: “CPS will be contacted.”

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