Mum shows off her incredibly easy meal plan system which takes the headache out of feeding the kids & cuts costs too

TRYING to work out what to cook for dinner every night can get tricky, especially if you have fussy kids AND you're on a budget.

But one mum has shared her simple meal plan system which actually makes eating fun for the kids and it keeps costs low too.

The mum posted snaps of her nightly meal lists in the Feed Your Family on a budget which included a list of meal ideas for each night using the same or similar ingredients.

For example, on Thursday the mum will cook a mince dish and select from a list of seven mince-based meals she's written down, including cottage pie or chilli con carne.

Whereas Monday is allocated for a tasty chicken dish and on Friday they'll enjoy a pizza or pasta variation.

By doing this, the busy mum is able to mix up the meals each week and allow the kids to pick what they feel like while ensuring she's buying the same ingredients at the supermarket – therefore sticking to her budget.

Explaining her system, she explained: "There's choices of meals per day using similar ingredients so I know what to order on the shopping delivery in advance to get through the week or month.

"For example.. I know to order 4 packs of mince and put in freezer to have at least one mince based meal a week for a month."

While the list for most days are based on one common ingredient, Wednesdays are different – which she calls "rota choice."

She explained: "I use a 'spin the wheel' or 'random picker' app to choose the random meals I like to have rarely so it changes it up."

As for weekends, the mum likes to indulge in takeaway for the family, taking the pressure off trying to work out what to cook.

Admitting that she loves weekly lists, she added: "It works for me every week when I need the inspiration without repeating meals too often.

"This is great for families and the kids could choose from the daily list which meal they want for fussy eaters."

it's safe to say the simple idea was a hit with other members of the Facebook group, with many busy parents singing the praises of the organised mum/.

So if you're looking for an easy way to make dinner time fun again, perhaps consider this clever system.

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