Mum shows how to make edible Play Doh for your kids and you only need a few ingredients

A MUM has revealed how to make edible Play Doh for your kids, so it doesn’t matter if they accidentally eat some while playing.

TikTok star Shannon Doherty, who uses the handle @athomewithshannon, showed her simple recipe for making fun putty for her kids. 

In a video that has racked up over 1.3million views, Shannon said parents only need to mix three ingredients to make the tasty Play Doh. 

She said: “Mix together Peeps, powdered sugar and coconut oil.

“Microwave for 20 seconds and start kneading. It’s so good.”

Peeps are marshmallows that are shaped into chicks, bunnies, and other animals. 

The sweet treats are typically sold in the United States and Canada, but you can currently pick some up from Amazon for £6.99. 

Many parents were highly impressed at the DIY home hack, and said they wanted to try with their own kids. 

One said: “Omg I NEED to make this!”

Another raved: Love this idea!”

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