Mum shares ultimate birthday cake fail after she tries to bake a unicorn-themed masterpiece for her daughter

A MUM has shared her epic birthday party fail after she tried to bake a unicorn-themed cake for her daughter, but it backfired spectacularly. 

The amateur baker, from Australia, took inspiration from a fancy cake her local supermarket sells. 

The sumptuous design features baby blue and pink frosting on top with ears, a horn and decorations around the side atop a bed of white fondant. 

The mum decided to play it safe and use a packet mix, yet somehow still ended up with hilarious results. 

She shared a snap of her creation to Facebook group Coles, showing a very novice bake. 

Her cake appears flat with buttercream – not fondant – icing on top, which looks rather melted.

She attempted the swirls of the unicorn’s mane, but it appears this mythical beast is having a bad hair day.

And the ears seem to be made from Toblerone pieces, and the all-important horn doesn't look too appealing.

Rather than scrap the cake, the mum saw the funny side and decided to share her handiwork online. 

I personally think the resemblance is uncanny

She wrote: “We were pretty sure we could buy a packet mix from Coles and replicate the Unicorn cake. 

“I personally think the resemblance is uncanny.” 

Numerous people liked the post, with one person sarcastically writing: “Nailed it.”

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