Mum shares the easy ways she gets wrinkles out of her clothes and there’s NO ironing needed

AS THE simplest method for crease-free clothes, ironing seems like one of those household chores that just won't go away.

However, one mum has revealed that if there's a will, there's a way – and shared her three hacks for getting the wrinkles out of your laundry with barely any effort.

In a new video, TikTok user @mama_mila_ demonstrated the three handy methods she uses at home for smooth results.

The woman, called Chantal, first told viewers to "place clothes in a dyer with two ice cubes".

She explained: "This forms steam which removes wrinkles."

Next, the social media favourite instructed those watching to "make a DIY crease releaser from water, vinegar and conditioner".

Of her second hack, Chantal explained: "This quickly releases wrinkles without ironing."

Thirdly, she suggested: "Use a hanger to dry wet shirts to save space and reduce crease lines."

Captioning the clip, the mum wrote: "Which ones will you be trying out?"

It has been watched more than 4,000 times, with over 200 people leaving 'likes'.

In December, Chantal told TikTok users how to instantly clean the grime off your kettle using just lemons.

The mum revealed that you need to start by filling the kettle with water, adding a whole sliced lemon and boiling it twice.

After letting it sit for half an hour, you then need to pour the lemon water down the drain – and the inside of the kettle should be left gleaming.

It works because the acidity of the lemons breaks down limescale, while also killing bacteria.

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