Mum makes adorable outdoor kitchen set for son for just £10 in lockdown

THERE'S no denying the lockdown has drastically altered all of our day-to-day lives – especially if you're a parent.

Well if you're running out of ways to keep your kids entertained (which doesn't involve sticking them in front of the TV), then you might just want to give this DIY hack a try.

Single mum Sheryn Potts, 26, from Fife, Scotland, was inspired to create an outdoor "mud kitchen" for her son Luca after scrolling through Pinterest.

Speaking to the Metro, Sheryn revealed how she put the impressive structure together for just £10.

The DIY fan started by painting some wooden pallets she had left over from a garden renovation grey.

She then cut one in half to create the basis of the play area before attaching another plank of wood to the back to make a counter top.

After making a hole in the counter to form a basin, Sheryn turned an old rake handle into a towel rack and used leftover pallets to create shelves.

She then hand painted a sign reading "Luca's kitchen" and purchased some miniature pots and containers from IKEA to kit out the space.

Describing how she spent a week on the project, Sheryn said: "The total cost was around £10 because I had all the accessories lying around the house or in my cupboards.

"But realistically if someone was to build their own they would need two pallets and spare wood for the counter top, wood paint, and the tools to be able to put it all together such as a saw, a drill, screws etc."

And with everything going on with the coronavirus crisis, Sheryn's project has made for a welcome distraction this week – especially now that she's looking after 16-month-old Luca full-time.

Unsurprisingly, the mud kitchen has proved a hit with Luca.

The proud mum continued: "As a single parent on their own I always try to go above and beyond for Luca as he’s such a special little boy.

"I love doing these little projects for him, it’s more personalised and unique than buying something in the shops and you feel a real sense of achievement building something from nothing."

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