Mum instantly gets rid of creases in school shirts with £1 B&M spray and it’s so good she doesn't need an iron

WHEN your kids constantly come from school covered in food, grass and pen stains, it's hard enough to muster the energy to put on yet another wash.

But having to iron their uniform afterwards too? Well, that just seems out of the question.

That said, one savvy mum has revealed her tip which means she can skip this VERY boring step.

Posting on the Facebook group Parenting on a Budget Official, Devon Trevillion raved about Fabulosa's Spray & Wear disinfectant which she bagged for £1 in B&M.

She wrote: "I dont even own a iron so this product is just amazing! Kills 99.9% bacteria but my favourite part is it leaves your clothes crease free."

Sharing amazing before-and-after photos, Devon – who is a group admin – added: "Leaves them smelling amazing too!"

But how exactly does it work? Well, crease releasing sprays help to relax the fibres of your fabric so that the wrinkles can be removed.

Unsurprisingly, Devon's recommendation was a hit with other parents on Instagram.

One replied: "OMG that’s amazing. I hate ironing."

Another added: "Oh wow game changer. I’ll be looking for this on my next trip to B&M."

A third wrote: "I just got some of these, I'm excited!"

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