Mum finds two-year-old tot covered head-to-toe in her black eyeliner

A MUM-of-two was left shocked when she woke up to find her daughter had coloured herself in with black eyeliner from head-to-toe.

Stevie-Lee Longworth, 21, from Sunderland, went into her baby’s room to wake her up, but when she turned around she discovered Ellie-Jane, two, had doused herself in make-up.

Stevie-Lee says her tot had been up for hours, painting her body with gel eyeliner nicked from her beauty bag.

After the initial shock, Stevie-Lee took Ellie-Jane into the bathroom and scrubbed her clean with baby oil and soap for half an hour.

However Ellie-Jane’s nostrils and eyes remained tinted black for the following couple of days.

Stevie-Lee said: "When I woke up I thought the girls were both asleep, so I went to check on my baby, Riley.

“Then I saw Ellie-Jane with her back turned, and before I could talk to her I was stopped in my tracks to the sight of her painted black, head-to-toe.

“She was still holding the pot of black gel eyeliner and all she said to me was ‘Ellie’s pretty’.

“I couldn’t help but burst out laughing, I couldn’t quite believe what she had done with my make-up bag!”

Despite spending the first five minutes taking photographs and laughing at her daughter’s state, Stevie-Lee quickly clean her up.

And, after Ellie-Jane had returned to normal, Stevie-Lee shared the pictures with friends and family – much to their amusement.

She said: “I went to get some baby oil and got the majority of it off, and then I put her straight in the bath.

“I scrubbed her for half an hour and finally she was mostly back to normal – except for her eyes and nostrils still being lined black for the rest of the day.

“I knew I couldn’t keep the photographs to myself so I shared them on social media, and for days people were telling me how funny she looked.



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“It was definitely the funniest thing that Ellie-Jane has done and something that I will not forget for a long time!”

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