Mum discovers £5 shower attachment in B&M to fill her paddling pool after hose doesn’t connect to her taps

NOW the weather’s warming up Brits are basking outdoors and digging out their inflatable pools, but the problem still remains over how to fill it. 

Most of us have tirelessly emptied buckets of warm water, or bit the bullet and filled it with cold water from the hose, but that could all be over after a woman revealed her cheap trick online. 

One mum has shared her handy tip for filling her paddling pool with warm water from the sink, after she couldn’t find an attachment to connect a hose to her taps.

She explained that as she had “old taps”, no attachments connected to them, and she wasn’t able to access the hot water pipe under the sink either.

Instead she picked up a shower attachment from B&M for £4.99, which perfectly fitted both her taps and a hosepipe.

She shared her tip on Facebook group Gardening On A Budget Official, where it’s been liked hundreds of times.

The woman wrote: “For those who have funny old house taps like mine. 

“None of the hosepipe to tap adapter would work. 

“And hot hotwater pipe under the sink blocked off. I bought this from b&m rubber shower mixer £4.99. 

“Cut off the ends and it fits perfectly into my hosepipe and onto the tap for hot water for quick fill of hot tub/ pools.”

People have branded her idea a “game changer”, as they vowed to give it a go for summer. 

Commenting online, one person said: “Thankyou for this idea. Gonna give this a go.”

Another wrote: “That's a brilliant idea. 

“We have the lever taps and one of those tap adapters but whenever we use it the kitchen ends up partially flooded and we look like we have tried to have a wet t shirt competition. 

“Deffo going to invest in one and try this.

A third commented: “We should try this.”

While this person said: “We should have thought of this idea lol”

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