Mum begs for help after daughter coats hair in pink after playing with her siblings

A MUM revealed the horrifying moment she discovered her young daughter had coated her entire hair in pink slime. 

Claire Browne asked people to “wish her luck” after seeing the back of daughter Abbie’s head and realising it would take ages to clean off. 

The dedicated mum said the slime had got stuck in Abbie’s hair when she was playing with siblings. 

After initially finding the accident funny, it quickly dawned on Claire how hard it would be to get out. 

Speaking to Fabulous, the mum said: “We all were laughing at the time and then after a few seconds my laughter turned to shock horror when I realised it was all in her hair like that. 

“I felt quite sick to be honest and panicked.. but took her straight to the bath and washed her hair with shampoo then started combing through it carefully.”

Claire said it took a staggering two hours for her to remove all the slime with the comb. 

She added: “Abbie was very patient with me although it was pulling in some places and hurt but we got there in the end and her hair looks so shiny and nice after i had finished. 

“We still have the slime although they haven't played with it since.. but they do enjoy playing with slime and i will allow it again as long as they play with it carefully next time.”

Claire shared dramatic before and after shot to the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, and people were quick to praise her efforts. 

One said: "Well done to both of you keeping calm in that situation must of been challenging!”

Another added: “Wow you did well! Hats off to you. No more slime.”

And one commented: “Omg same thing happen me last week was sooo hard to get out.”

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