Mrs Hinch shares the easy way she gets rid of grim grease and dust stuck to her lampshades

A GLASS light shade is a chic and sophisticated addition to a room that doesn't have to cost the earth, but they do have one major problem.

Unlike more forgiving materials, any dust and grime that collects on your statement light fitting will show up instantly.

No one wants a grubby glass centre-piece hanging from their ceiling, but don’t worry there is a very simple solution.

Homecare queen and grime-banishing guru Mrs Hinch, as always, has a genius cleaning tip for you and all you need is one household product.

Frustrated by the grease build up on her kitchen light fittings, Sophie Hinchcliffe explained to her 4.1 million Instagram followers yesterday that it was time to give them a good scrub.

She opted for a straight-forward sponge and washing up liquid combo to tackle the build-up.

She said: “Washing liquid cuts through grease so it’s perfect for this job.”

The cleaning influencer also showed some appreciation for her ebayer floppy tap as the perfect tool for the task.

She finished off the clean with a shammy to dry off the warm water and polish up the light shades.

Admiring her handiwork, she said: “They’ve come up like new!”

The sparkly pieces have now been restored to their former place above her hob with an all new sparkle.

One Mrs Hinch mega fan, credited the influencer with helping her survive lockdown.

While other fans have gone wild for her new line of diffusers available from Tesco.

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