Mrs Hinch fans rave about £1.45 mopping trick that smells like you’ve spritzed perfume in the house | The Sun

CLEANING fans have come to the rescue with a simple yet effective way to keep the floors smelling fresh long after you’ve mopped. 

Mopping may be the last step of the routine, but people often find that the lovely odour that comes with it fades shortly after – leaving the room going back to a neutral smell rather than the floral one they liked so much. 

And this is exactly why one person took to the Facebook group ‘Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips’ to question what will make the floors smell as if they’ve actually been cleaned. 

They wrote: “Best floor cleaning products to use with a mop which makes the house smell as if you’ve actually cleaned … 

“I know some products don’t have a strong scent etc but I love the smell of a fresh clean house”. 

And cleaning fans did not disappoint as hundreds flocked to the comments to share their nifty tricks and tips. 


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While some suggested using bleach, Dettol and the Flash lemon floor cleaner, others shared a completely different alternative. 

“I’ve always used Zoflora bouquet because my Mum used it. Love that fresh smell and reminds me of her and my home growing up,” one person wrote with a smiling face emoji.

Another agreed, sharing: “Zoflora every time,” as a third chimed: “Zoflora clean linen every time x”. 

A fourth said: “Zofloras gorgeous I always find it smells for hours after”. [sic] 

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Zoflora Linen Fresh was the lead contender when it came to which scent to use, but others suggested Lemon Zing and Midnight Bloom as well. 

All three of these scents can be purchased from Waitrose for just £1.45.

And though the product does wonders for eliminating odours in bins, drains, and more, it also kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria. 

But, shoppers should be warned that it is a concentrate, which means it must be diluted before applying on floors. Instructions on how much water is needed can be found on the packaging, but “a little goes a long way”. 

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