Money-saving mum uses secret food website to save a fortune on groceries as she bags crisps for 10p & posh cereal for £1

A MONEY-saving mum has revealed a secret website which allows you to save a fortune on groceries, with popular items as cheap as 10p.

Blogger and deals hunter Holly Smith, 35, regularly shares money saving tricks and tips on her blog Coupon Queen and Instagram page Hollyvlogs – and recently shared how she bagged £79.50 worth of food for just £28.34, with delivery.

In a YouTube clip, the mum-of-three – who lives with her husband Callum, 31, near Great Yarmouth, and their children Mollie-Rose, nine, Bella-Maria, eight, and one-year-old Cloud – explained how Cut Price Barrys, an online store, can wipe hundreds, or thousands, off your food shop.

Together with her husband Callum, she unpacked a HUGE box of goodies she ordered from the site which included popular and expensive brands of crisps, cereals and various snacks.

In the clip, Holly explains: "Cut Prince Barrys is an online store where you can buy food that is coming up to its best before date or has past its best before date but its perfectly safe to eat."

"Not to be confused with the used by dates which is reserved for fresh meats and dairy products – those ones will spoil, but best before will last a long time," Callum adds.

Holly continues to say that supermarkets will stop selling food that has past the best before date, but insists they are "perfectly safe to eat".

The money-saving mum, who also runs the popular Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargaining, said a lot of the food items available are in tins packets and jars.

For this reason, it's probably not possible to do your entire shop from Cut Price Barrys, but you can certain stock up on discounted pantry items.

First up, the thrifty mum revealed that a super-size pack of Walkers Wotsits cost them just £1.20 – and is less than a month past the best before date.

The couple even taste-tested most of the items they received to ensure their quality, and revealed the crisps were still crunchy and not stale.

Dorset cereals, which are usually pretty expensive at £3-4, are available on the site for just £1.

Holly explains: "These are normally really expensive in the supermarket and my dad loves these but hates paying full price."

Holly and Callum picked up a range of other cereals too, including Alpen and Kellogg's – all for a tiny £1.

Can you eat foods past their best before date?

According to the Food Standards Agency UK, the best before date, sometimes shown as BBE (best before end), is about quality and not safety.

The food will be safe to eat after this date but may not be at its best. Its flavour and texture might not be as good.

Best before dates appear on a wide range of foods including frozen foods, dried foods and tinned foods.

Holly makes particular mention of Barry's gluten free selection, as free-from food items will usually cost you an arm and a leg in regular supermarkets.

A selection of gluten-free biscuits, crackers and crisps can be bought for as little as 50p, and judging from Holly and Callum's taste test, they're perfectly fine to eat.

What's more, if you're a fan on American food, Holly says: "Cut Price Barrys is the best place to get American food. They haven't got much in stock at the moment but you can get Lucky Charm cereal, basically all American sweets, ata fraction of the cost."

The thrifty couple later revealed a huge box packed full of Walkers Pizza Express crisps – a huge 90 packs.

The money-saving mum was shocked by the total price of the lot which set them back just £4.50 – and Callum's face says it all.

Holly posted the food haul clip on her YouTube channel last month, and, clearly, bargain hunters didn't waste a second, rushing to the site as quick as they could.

The influx on visitors even caused the site to temporarily crash, leaving many unable to score a bargain.

At the time, Holly wrote in the YouTube comments: "Heads-up that the 'Cut Price Barry's' website has crashed (we sent too much traffic to their website!) they messaged me on Instagram to let me know that they are working on getting the website back up and running asap."

While Barrys was new to many, few had heard of it before and admitted they loved it too.

"Its a fantastic place, ive used them for the past few years. ideal when you have kids for their snacks!" one mum said.

And another shared: "I ordered a few things quite a while back, really happy with everything. Dont live too far also, so always nice to pop into the store when Im close by."

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