MM6 Maison Margiela Resort 2022

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Like the rest of the world, the MM6 Maison Margiela studio design team was working from home. From this perch — each person drawing from a separate location — styling took a backseat to design, as suggested by the show notes.

The hand-drafted designs sprang to life in the label’s stark white carpeted showroom, where the quirky yet elegant lineup of playfully rearranged staples —  tailoring, slipdresses, jeans, urban outerwear — surprised at every turn.

Black faux leather jackets came cropped, or with the arms cut off, or in the case of the three-quarter-length option, with a shrunken-down collar, neatly cinched with a paperclip-shaped buckle. A silky brown bomber coat was cut short, but carried extra volume in the sleeves. There was plenty to tease the eye, with realistic-looking wisps of hair printed on crisp, cotton shirts and sweatshirts, and long sleeves stitched under short sleeves, or T-shirt sleeves affixed to a sweater vest. Trousers were mostly high-waisted, but some were transformed into skirts, their insides cut out. Jeans, meanwhile, came in extra-baggy, distressed styles and suit jackets were transformable, to be worn single- or double-breasted.

MM6 Maison Margiela Resort 2022

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Accessories are always a treat, and again, they did not disappoint: shiny heeled sandals had puffy white packaging stuck to the straps and a classic snap clip barrette came as wide as a palm. The lineup felt fresh but also extra relevant at a time when the world is rethinking normal — hankering after the familiar while needing something new.

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