Love Actually fans unearth ‘ridiculous’ deleted scene where Sam does 7ft backflip over security guards in airport dash

THE CHRISTMAS period simply isn't complete until you've rewatched Love Actually.

While some prefer Home Alone or The Holiday, this classic romcom has certainly stood the test of time, with interlinked stories showing that love really is 'all around'.

Despite its cult following, fans have only recently unearthed a deleted scene of young Sam performing an incredible backflip when he goes to find his crush, Joanna, at the airport in one of the closing scenes.

Fans will all know the scene where lovesick Sam, (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), and his dad, (Liam Neeson) dash to the airport after the school Christmas concert, with Joanna about to leave on a flight to America.

The deleted scene sees Sam flying through the air as he performs a dramatic backflip while he charges through the airport security to say a final goodbye.

Love Actually director Richard Curtis said, "We're a bit torn as to whether we were to put this bit in – there would have been some effects and polish done on it. We didn't in the end, and I thought it was fun.

"In the original draft of the movie, there was lots of mentions about the fact that Sam, the little boy, was a brilliant gymnast and when it was sad you'd just see him casually being brilliant at gym.

"So when it came to an airport scene, he brought his gymnastic prowess into play. This is a very rough edit…"

The general consensus was that it was probably best left out of the film, with one fan writing, "This is an abomination, how ridiculous."

Another said, "The body double doing the cartwheels through the seats was about 7 feet tall!"

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