Lad finds secret underground lair hidden behind his fireplace and it’s freaking people out

PEOPLE have been showing off their hidden rooms on TikTok with walk-in-wardrobes, cosy hideaways and massive beauty rooms topping the list.

But people are freaking out about one bloke's creepy-looking "lair" which is hidden behind a fireplace – with some even calling it a "murder dungeon".

In the clip posted by Chad Sanchez you'd be forgiven for thinking it was just an empty room as there is no clue given to the secret room that exists behind the wall.

As the lad approaches a large inconspicuous wooden fireplace, he grabs one of the decorative posts and twists it, revealing the hidden room inside.

But adding to the spookiness of it all, viewers are met with a dark, spiral staircase with nothing more than eery torch-like lanterns guiding the way.

The moody corridors lead to a dark and dusty space, which the homeowner is in the midst of constructing – although it's not known what the room will become.

The room resembles an old haunted castle with many viewers admitting it spooked them and gave off dark vibes.

The clip has been watched more than 800,000 times, and the response was almost always the same.

One person said it looked like a "sacrificial room", where victims would be lured.

While another person quipped: "HIDDEN MURDER DUNGEON, sorry I've been watching too much of Criminal Minds."

Reacting the same way, another wrote: "I watch too many movies to know that’s most likely where a serial killer is hiding"

And one viewer confessed: "I was so scared to watch the end."

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