King Charles coronation LIVE — Bank holiday weekend weather forecast revealed as millions plan royal celebrations | The Sun

THE MET Office has revealed the weather forecast for King Charles' coronation this bank holiday weekend.

Those planning to celebrate King Charles' historic day outdoors should wrap up warm as the Met Office predicts "some heavy, thundery downpours" for today and tomorrow.

Met Office Deputy Chief Forecaster, Steven Keates, said: “A further area of rain is expected to move into southwest England early on Saturday, moving east and north through the day with some heavy bursts at times.

"This is likely to bring some rain to London by around lunchtime."

Brits are known to brave all weather conditions to celebrate and most events are likely to go ahead but do check with organisers in your area if you're in doubt.

Read our coronation blog below for the latest news and info…

  • Henry Moore

    Listen: King Charles' special coronation message for commuters

    Londoners will be treated to a special coronation message from the King and Queen Consort over the Bank Holiday weekend.

    Playing across all TFL lines, commuters will hear the King wishing them a happy coronation weekend.

    And of course, King Charles didn't forget to tell Brits to "mind the gap."

  • Henry Moore

    Will the coronation be available online?

    The coronation will also be available to stream online on a number of platforms.

    This includes the BBC iPlayer, and ITVX.

    It is yet to be revealed if it will be broadcast on other streaming sites like, for example, YouTube.

  • Henry Moore

    How many bank holidays are there in May 2023?

    Thanks to King Charles' historic coronation, Brits are getting an extra Bank Holiday this month.

    There will be three bank holidays in May 2023.

    The dates are as follows:

    • Early May bank holiday on May 1
    • Bank holiday for the coronation of King Charles III on May 8
    • Spring bank holiday on May 29
    • Henry Moore

      In pictures: Will and Kate beam as they greet Buckingham Palace crowds

      The Prince and Princess of Wales were all smiles as they met with crowds outside of Buckingham Palace today.

      Will and Kate were joined by King Charles and the Queen Consort.

      Thousands of Brits are already outside the Palace awaiting the King's historic coronation tomorrow.

    • Henry Moore

      What is the coronation medal?

      The medal acts as a token of the nation's thanks for those that have contributed to the King's coronation.

      According to the National Army Museum, "medals have been struck to commemorate the coronation of every British monarch since King Edward VI in 1547."

      However, the tradition of giving medals did not begin until the coronation of King James in 1603.

    • Henry Moore

      In pictures: King Charles greets well-wishers outside Buckingham Palace

      With just one day to go before his historic coronation, King Charles was outside Buckingham Palace this afternoon greeting well-wishers.

      Hundreds of Brits have already set up camp near the palace as they do their best to get a glimpse of tomorrow's lavish procession.

      Charles was joined by the Queen Consort, Camilla.

    • Henry Moore

      How to watch the Red Arrows over King Charles’ coronation

      Brits nationwide will be counting down the days until King Charles’ coronation.

      It will be the first coronation the nation will see in 70 years and the 40th since the crowning of William the Conqueror in 1066.

      As is tradition with Royal events, a flypast of 60 aircrafts will fly over Buckingham Palace to mark the official crowning of the new King.

      Many will gather on The Mall to watch the Red Arrows fly over the Palace in real-time.

      However, for those unable attend in person, BBC One, BBC Two and BBC iPlayer will provide live coverage of the coronation from 7.30 am.

    • Louis Allwood

      What is the Coronation Oath?

      As part of the coronation the monarch takes oaths as he is made the King.

      The Archbishop of Canterbury will ask Charles a series of questions relating to governing the realms and territories and if he is willing to take the oath.

      The Archbishop will ask at the beginning of the service: “Your Majesty, the Church established by law, whose settlement you will swear to maintain, is committed to the true profession of the Gospel, and, in so doing, will seek to foster an environment in which people of all faiths and beliefs may live freely.

      “The Coronation Oath has stood for centuries and is enshrined in law. Are you willing to take the Oath?”

      At the end of the oath, King Charles will say: “I Charles do solemnly and sincerely in the presence of God profess, testify, and declare that I am a faithful Protestant, and that I will, according to the true intent of the enactments which secure the Protestant succession to the Throne, uphold and maintain the said enactments to the best of my powers according to law.”

    • Louis Allwood

      King Charles and Queen Consort have commissioned five artists to capture key moments tomorrow

      Artists Fraser Scarfe, Phoebe Stannard and Gideon Summerfield will will observe and capture: crowds lining the route, Their Majesties’ departure from Buckingham Palace, Their Majesties’ arrival at Westminster Abbey and the return journey following the Service, in their medium of choice.

      Eileen Hogan has been commissioned to paint the Coronation Service itself from within Westminster Abbey.

      Artist and illustrator Shana Pagano Lohrey has been selected to draw at the Coronation Concert, capturing the atmosphere, crowds and ambience of the event.

    • Louis Allwood

      Torrential downpour hits on the eve of King Charles' coronation

      Royal fans camping out on the Mall ahead of the King's coronation have been soaked by torrential rain.

      Crowds had been camping out this morning despite the wet conditions to try and catch a glimpse of King Charles and Camilla.

    • Mollie Mansfield

      Charles 'never wanted to be revered', friend claims

      Broadcaster and close friend of King Charles Jonathan Dimbleby said that he would find the idea of people paying homage to him "abhorrent".

      Speaking on the BBC, Dimbleby said that Charles has "never wanted to be revered."

      It comes after Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said there was "no drama" about whether people would make a voluntary pledge of allegiance to Charles.

    • Louis Allwood

      Who is reading at King Charles’ coronation tomorrow?

      Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will read from a biblical book that will resonate with the multi-faith theme being struck for the Christian ceremony.

      Lambeth Palace said: “The Archbishop of Canterbury has selected a new Epistle for this Coronation, which will be Colossians 1:9-17.

      “This passage has been chosen to reflect the theme of service to others, and the loving rule of Christ over all people and all things, which runs through this Coronation Liturgy.

      “Following recent tradition of British Prime Ministers giving readings at State occasions – as Head of the host Nation’s government – this will be read by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.”

    • Louis Allwood

      Charles Spencer left off the guest list

      King Charles's former brother-in-law Charles Spencer – the brother of Princess Diana – has reportedly been left off the guest list for the coronation.

      The Earl, 58, who is said to have a close relationship with his nephews princes William and Harry, admitted he did not expect to get the nod.

      He told the Times Radio podcast Off Air in February: "I wouldn't have thought I'd be invited, I think it's only about two thousand people going."

      He added: "There is some old coronet knocking about here somewhere but I won't be wearing it soon, I don't think."

    • Louis Allwood

      Pay rise and bonus for staff working tirelessly for the coronation

      The lower-paid staff working around the clock for King Charles’ coronation will get a 6% pay rise after the monarch also agreed on a £600 bonus for unheralded employees such as cleaners and footmen.

      No tax-payer money will be used to pay for the bonus as the King shall be taking it out of the Privy Purse.

      A source said: “Everyone is delighted. They enjoy working for the King and it helps to get a king-sized pay rise! Many faced pay freezes during Covid-19 when the royal properties were closed to tourists.

      “This is a reward and a thank you to the lowest paid workers – many of whom do their job out of a sense of duty to the sovereign and the Crown rather than for the money.”

    • Louis Allwood

      What time is the coronation concert at Windsor?

      The coronation concert will take place at Windsor Castle on Sunday May 7, 2023, the day after King Charles’ coronation.

      The big event kicks off at 8pm and is set to run for two hours, and come to a close at 10pm.

      The public ballot to apply for tickets has now closed, so people are being told NOT to travel to Windsor to try to access the concert unless they have a ticket.

      There are no other ceremonial events in that area, so you should only go there if you have have a ticket to the big event.

    • Louis Allwood

      What three swords will be used for the coronation tomorrow?

      Five swords will be used in King Charles’ Coronation and each represents a kingly virtue.

      They are:

      • The Sword of Spiritual Justice – symbolises the monarch as a defender of the faith
      • The Sword of Mercy also referred to as the broken sword – symbolises the sovereign’s mercy
      • The Sword of Temporal Justice – symbolises the sovereign as the head of the armed forces
      • The Sword of Offering – invested to the monarch after the anointing to symbolise the power of the monarch and its power of the state against enemies and their duty to preserve peace
      • The Sword of State – carried by the Sovereign during events such as the State Opening of Parliament to symbole royal authority

      These swords were first used at the Coronation of King Charles I in 1926 and the steel blades date back to the 16th century.

      Prince George will carry a small ceremonial sword as a Page of Honour to protect the King from any potential threat at the coronation.

      Speculation Prince Harry has landed back in UK 

      Speculation is rife Prince Harry has already landed in the UK ahead of his dad's historic coronation tomorrow.

      A private plane believed to be carrying the Duke of Sussex touched down in Farnborough today.

      When was Coronation Chicken invented?

      The story behind the royal dish that transformed itself into an British summertime buffet classic begins at the Queen's coronation in 1953.

      Royals together with dignitaries from around the world sat down in June 1953 to eat the new culinary experiment of Poulet Reine Elizabeth – what we all now know as coronation chicken.

      The original recipe involved "roasting chickens, water and a little wine to cover carrot, a bouquet garni, salt, peppercorns and a cream of curry sauce".

      Which orchestras will be playing at the coronation?

      It’s only a matter of days until King Charles III is crowned monarch.

      The orchestras playing at the coronation on May 6 are:

      • Philharmonia Orchestra
      • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
      • BBC National Orchestra of Wales
      • Regina Symphony Orchestra
      • English Chamber Orchestra
      • Scottish Chamber Orchestra
      • Royal Opera House Orchestra
      • Welsh National Opera Orchestra

      Camilla’s birth chart reveals she’s the ‘power behind the throne’, astrologer says

      Princess Diana’s former astrologer has predicted that Queen Camilla is destined to “come out of her shell” after the coronation.

      Royal astrologer Debbie Frank worked with the late Princess Diana for years guiding her through some of the most turbulent parts of her life and the two became close friends.

      Now, in specially prepared forecasts for The Sun to mark King Charles’ coronation on Saturday, Debbie has revealed how Camilla’s forecast shows she’s ready for a major elevation and change in status in life.

      Leave your message for Charles in The Sun's online book

      As the country gets ready to celebrate the coronation tomorrow, we're launching a virtual book of messages for the new King.

      World leaders are expected to pay tribute to Charles tomorrow – but you can get ahead of them with your own personal message.

      Fill out this form with your heartfelt message for Charles and Camilla.

      • Harry Goodwin

        Andrew Lloyd Webber: Writing coronation anthem was "antidote" for death of son

        Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber's song Make a Joyful Noise will be performed for the first time during tomorrow's coronation.

        His son Nicholas Lloyd Webber died at the age of 43 in March.

        Andrew told Channel 4 News: "Obviously writing the anthem, because it's joyful, it was a wonderful thing to do as a kind of antidote to what I knew was going on in my private life."

      • Mollie Mansfield

        Full list of coronation invite snubs revealed

        The full list of coronation snubs has been revealed – with Princess Diana’s brother “left off the guest list” along with minor royals.

        King Charles’s former brother-in-law Charles Spencer – the brother of Princess Diana – reportedly did not receive an invitation.

        Sarah Ferguson, Lady Amelia Windsor, and the Coronation’s planner the Duke of Norfolk are also among those snubbed.

      • Louis Allwood

        Commuters warned

        Commuters heading to the capital for the grand occasion tomorrow have been warned when to avoid travelling.

        Friday afternoon will see the worst of the traffic according to the RAC.

        And the motor services company said that there will also be "added congestion" during the rest of the long weekend.

        The RAC said: "Travel times will likely peak on Friday afternoon with some areas seeing double the travel times as holiday travellers mix with commuters, but drivers should be prepared for added congestion throughout the holiday weekend.”

      • Louis Allwood

        Prince William arrives at Westminster Abbey

        Prince William has arrived at Westminster Abbey for the final rehearsal for the coronation alongside King Charles and Camilla.

        It comes as the Prince joined Kate Middleton yesterday to raise a glass to the coronation in a pub.

        The Prince and Princess of Wales sank ales at The Dog and Duck in Soho, central London, on a surprise lunchtime visit, with William taking a turn as a barman.

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