Jeff Staple Partners With Allbirds on Special Shoe

Jeff Staple is doing his part to turn the footwear market inside out. Literally.

The streetwear entrepreneur and creative is teaming with Allbirds to reinvent the brand’s Tree Dasher shoe. The founder of Reed Art Department and Staple Pigeon turned the shoe inside out to show its mix of regenerative natural materials and distinctive design. And rather than having the carbon footprint label — a signature of every Allbirds product — under the insole, Staple put it prominently on display on the side of the shoe in hopes of starting a conversation about the environmental impact of the products people buy and wear. The shoe will retail for $150 and will be available online as well as in the Allbirds stores in New York and Los Angeles.

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The Staple x Allbirds collaboration will also include a limited-edition T-shirt featuring an illustration from the Staple’s Reed Art Department and the product’s carbon footprint, in this case 7.1 kilograms. The shirt, which will retail for $58, will only be available in Allbirds’ New York retail location starting on Dec. 10, and all proceeds will go to the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led organization working to combat climate change.

Allbirds x Staple socks feature the Staple pigeon. 

The collection will include the Staple Sock, the entrepreneur’s take on Allbirds’ Trino Tuber socks, that features an illustration of his trademark Staple pigeon. The socks will sell for $16 online and in the two stores.

Tim Brown, cofounder and co-chief executive officer of Allbirds, said: “Right from the start, Jeff instinctively understood what we’re trying to do here at Allbirds. Working together felt natural, and we were able to create something that gets to the heart of our unique mission and products. By looking at things from a new perspective, this partnership shines a light on our regenerative materials, deep R&D and unrelenting commitment to carbon accountability, all while celebrating the unique design language that is distinctively Staple and Reed Art Department. We were honored to work with such a creative legend, and hope this collab sparks a conversation about the true impact of the things we wear and buy.”

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