Inside Gemma Collins' controversial diet history – from the 'skinny jab' to her vegan phase & now TINY meals

GEMMA Collins has been wowing fans with her weight loss over lockdown, with the reality star shedding three stone and finding a whole new love for health and fitness.

After turning 40, Towie star Gemma is on a "massive health drive" and has thrown herself into a healthy eating plan and regular workouts – but some of her previous weight loss methods have been controversial.

Speaking about her relationship with food, Gemma recently confessed that she turns to eating in times of "crisis", while opening up about her weight over the years.

"I think I have always turned to food in times of crisis. I mean any occasion, if I'm happy I eat, if I'm sad I eat," she said on Piers Morgan's Life Stories, likening it to a form of self-harm.

In the past, Gemma has tried everything from going vegan to investing in diet injections and even opted for a hypno gastric band five years ago for a quick fix.

Diet Injections

In August last year, Gemma was seen plugging controversial diet injections from Skinny Jab that act as an appetite suppressant.

Addressing her weight loss on social media at the time, Gemma told fans: "Lots of you been asking me how I am looking so good. I need to tell you about how amazing the team at Skinny Jab have been throughout lockdown.

"Keeping on track of my weight loss and continuing to stay motivated has never been easier with skinny jab on board. Honestly, Caroline and her team have been the best support!"

She said: "Not only have they kept my supply of jabs up to date, they’ve also been providing me with meals plans and weekly check ups with how I’m getting on."

Gemma, however, faced backlash for promoting the "dangerous" diet injections, which experts have previously warned could be "life threatening" and should always be prescribed by a doctor.

Experts revealed that such jabs could come with harmful side effects like diarrhoea, dizziness, headaches, insomnia, skin reactions, toothache and vomiting.

Since then, Gemma has said she "regrets" turning to the injections. Speaking on her podcast, she explained: "I kind of regret doing it but I feel like sometimes you’re in such a desperate place and you want to lose weight but actually I’ve come away from all the diet promotion because I wish we could get rid of that word diet.

"It’s basically what works for you. I eat scrambled eggs, bacon, avocados, I have two bits of chocolate, I have jelly, nuts. But my diet may not work for you, it’s just a healthy eating plan that works for you.”

Going Vegan

In 2019, Gemma had credited going vegan for helping her to lose weight.

Ditching eating meat and and any animal products, Gemma preached about "eating life not death" as she flaunted the results of her two-and-a-half stone weight loss.

She told fans: "Thanks for your weight loss comments my hard work is defo paying off #veganlifestyle #eatlifenotdeath."

Six months later, however, Gemma had ditched being a vegan and was said to be burning up to 1,500 calories in the gym – overhauled her diet once again to include steak and meat.

Juice Camp

Like many celebrities, Gemma has also tried her hand at juice camps that see you go without food completely and live off nothing but freshly-pressed juice.

In four weeks, she lost two-and-a-half to three stone while staying at Jason Vale's £5000-a-week juice camp retreat in Portugal in 2015.

At the time juice master Jason Vale told The Mirror: "She lost two-and-a-half to three stone in total in four weeks, living on nothing but freshly pressed juice.

“She has been doing exercise as well but not military-style. None of it is forced. Nobody can force Gemma to do anything, frankly.”


2015 also saw Gemma try her luck at hypnotherapy to shed more weight and she was hypnotised into thinking she'd had a gastric band fitted.

She claims it helped her drop two dress sizes, with Gemma telling Now! magazine at the time: "I've gone from a size 22 to an 18. I had a bit of 3D lipo and saw a hypnotist called Robert Hisee, who put a hypno gastric band in me."

Gemma said: "Now I have four mouthfuls of food and I can't eat any more. I feel like I can't breathe, I'm so full."

Tiny Meals

Now in 2021, Gemma is turning to regular exercise and weighing out her meal choices to stay in shape. She shared a photo of her tiny lunch with her followers which consisted of a piece of salmon and five slices of cucumber.

Gemma explained that her diet plan allowed her to add Philadelphia cheese and spinach to her plate, as she prepped her lunch and said: "I'm just prepping guys, this is my lunch today.

"I can have some Philadelphia with this and spinach, which I can't wait for. I'm already prepping lunch for tomorrow – I get it on the scales and weigh it all out."

The Essex star revealed that for a snack she tucks into a minimal handful of almonds – that she weighs – and a Babybel cheese.

Pleased with her progress, Gemma has credited lockdown for being a "blessing in disguise" and says she's proud of her changing shape, after sticking to a strict diet plan and regular gym routine.

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