I’m the waxing queen here’s what you must to do before getting a Brazilian – it’ll hurt tonnes more if you don’t | The Sun

THERE’S no doubt you're going to be in a bit of pain when getting a Brazilian wax.

But it turns outs there's one thing you can do to make it a little less painful.

Alexandra is an esthetician and refers to herself as 'the wax queen' online, she’s said there's one thing she always tells her clients to do before getting a Brazilian. 

She said: “You never want to come in without properly exfoliating your bikini area because waxing over dry, dehydrated, dead skin is gonna cause the wax to stick.”

The beauty expert explains not exfoliating makes things harder for your waxer. 

“And in the hands of somebody who's not super experienced, this can go bad very quickly.”

“Some of you may be familiar with this already, where you go in and the esthetician starts to apply the wax and then goes to remove and nothing is happening.”

“Either she has enough experience to know how to rectify that, or she panics and then she goes to another area and the wax gets stuck there.”

“Hopefully that person stops at this point, but I actually had first hand experience with somebody not doing that and covering the entire area in wax and it just being stuck.”

Alexandra says she tells all her clients to use a dry brush and has been for 12 years. 

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“This, my friends, is a dry brush About 10, 12 years ago, I started having all of my clients exfoliate strictly using a dry brush.”

“This throws people all the time because especially if you've been going to a chain, they sell you all kinds of products after they get you in there. No a $7 brush.”

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“There is something about the natural bristle in particular. For some reason, the synthetic version doesn't work the same way.”

Alexandra explained a synthetic brush won't work the bristles must be natural.

“So I've had some clients who refuse to get the natural, they get the synthetic, they're not seeing results. If they have then switched and listened to me, sure enough, they start to see a difference.”

The esthetician says this can also help with ingrown hairs.

“So not only does it help to keep your skin nice and smooth, it helps to prevent ingrown hairs. If something does get ingrown, it's the perfect amount of exfoliation so that it'll break that top layer of skin and free the hair.”

“And then if you are somebody who just is very prone to getting clogged, if you have very large pores in the bikini area and you have clogging there, this is excellent at getting rid of that, too.”

“So I tell my clients, if you don't have a serious issue with your skin in the bikini area you can do this two or three times a week.”

“If you're somebody who has some, you know, an issue because of your skin type or your hair type or you have very sensitive skin and it's just wreaking havoc on things, this is your best friend.”

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