I’m plus-size with 44D boobs – I found the best swimsuit for a snatched waist, people say it’s ‘amazing’ | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman with 44D breasts has shared a swimsuit that accentuates any women's waist with the tug of a string.

She showed off the style in a TikTok video that had people calling it "amazing" for what it did to her body within seconds.

Content creator Dyllan Moxim (@dyllanmoximxo) is a plus-size model and fashion lover.

She uses her platform to share popular trends and tries them on her size 14/16 shape and 44D bust.

In a TikTok video, she shared her recent haul of a sculpting swimsuit from TA3 Swim.

Right before their eyes, she achieved a snatched waist that left viewers in awe.

When the video began, she stood in front of her camera and wore the Plungey swimsuit, $178, in black in a size 2XL.

She had her hands behind her back for the first half of the video as the audio sang about corsets and cinches.

Toward the end of the video, the audio sang about "nothing over nine inches."

At that moment, the blonde beauty held her arms out and pulled hard at the lace-up back strings to reveal an incredibly cinched-in waist.

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"Did it work?" the subtitle over her head read.

The eight-second video was simple and effective in getting the point across about the smoothing aspect of the clothing item.

People had mixed opinions and questions about the effectiveness of the product.

"Wonder how well it works on someone who carries all the weight in their belly," a viewer inquired.

"Wish it wasn’t so expensive because DAMN that’s amazing," a TikTok user added.

"How’s the comfort after 1 min?" another asked.

"You are so beautiful!! Love the bathing suit Tik Toks! It is very helpful with me trying to find one to try!" a fan praised.

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