I’m an interior designer and there are five you need to ditch for good – all-white kitchens are SO over for one thing | The Sun

IT can be hard to know how to decorate your home in way which will look stylish for years to come.

But according to one interior designer you should focus more on avoiding certain trends if you want a posh and timeless house.

Nina Pavaresh, shared five of the common home trends she thinks need to be cancelled this year – and it's bad news if you're lusting after an all-whit kitchen.

First of all, the minimalism trend is so over, she explained on TikTok.

"We are all for the less is more approach but this doesn't mean spaces should be minimalist," she said.

It might've been big a few years ago but "it lacks soul, heart, and character," Nina added.


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The end of minimalism includes boring white kitchens too.

"White kitchens are definitely expired, they have been so overused. The time of all-white, sterile looks is done," the interior pro said.

Instead, your kitchen should be more "inviting and warm" and use a mixture of different materials, colours and elements to make it unique but still stylish.

So-called 'fast furniture' is also on the way out, the pro said.

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These mass produced items might be cheap, but they probably won't last long in your home and won't give your home the elevated look you're after.

That doesn't mean you have to spend loads of money on furniture though – according to Nine people are now seeking out vintage pieces and second-hand finds instead.

"Others are even opting to upcycle their own furniture, a trend we could definitely see more of in the future," she continued.

You might want to steer clear of matching furniture sets too, they're "a huge faux pas," according to Nina.

Not only do they look really tacky but they create an "unbalanced" feeling too.

You should find items which work well together but aren't exactly the same material and colour.

Finally, if you're lucky enough to have some wide, open space in your home, think twice before leaving too sparse.

Some clever construction and wall dividers will keep the space open, but it will look much more intentional.

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