I'm a tech whizz… people always make the same mistake when heating their homes – and it costs them £115 every month | The Sun

WITH the colder months creeping around the corner, most of us are looking to turn the heating on to keep toasty.

But according to one expert, there is a crucial mistake many make – and it's costing them over a hundred every month.

Keeping energy bills down is a priority for millions of households across the world, especially given the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

And although there are numerous ways to slash the bills, such as changing your laundry habits, knowing how to use the heating system properly could save you as much as £115 at the end of each month.re

Speaking to The Express, Jess Steele, heating technology specialist from BestHeating, noted there's a trick that people tend to miss when it comes to saving on their heating bills.

“A simple error many make is heating the whole house – you should only really heat the room you are in.” 

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Revealing why, the guru said: “Heating an unused space is adding needless money to energy bills, so ensure radiators are turned off in rooms that are not in use, such as the bedroom every morning when you leave for work.

“Doing this will make your boiler work more efficiently, allowing the room you are in to warm up faster, and saving you as much as £115 if your heating is used daily.”

However, she also pointed out, there is a key aspect to keep in mind.

The expert urged: “Make sure you don’t turn off any radiators in the room the thermostat is in though, or else it will affect the temperature of the rest of your home.”

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For those looking to save money, turn on the heat the living room only when you arrive home from work and make sure the others spaces, such as your bedroom and bathroom, are getting heated only when you go into them later in the evening.

If you want to stay cosy during the more chilly mornings, set the heating to come on in your bedroom an hour before get up and leave the bed, and ensure the heating is off in the rest of the house. 

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If you're looking to slash the electricity bills, recently LADBaby shared a hack for for using sensor lights around the house – and people say they’ll never put their lights on again.

The popular YouTube content creator, LADBaby, recently posted a hack to his 1.1 million followers, in a five minute video titled 'When Dad hacks lighting in the energy crisis'.

In the clip, he cleverly arranged motion-sensored lighting – typically used outdoor – inside his kitchen, instead of the more common alternative of turning on the kitchen lights.

''If we don't move, it'll go off. But then when we walk into the kitchen at night, it'll come on.

''We don't have to turn the lights on.''

The unique method, he demonstrated, was enough to provide a powerful light throughout the space.

The best part? Because it's charging up through the sun during the day, it's essentially free light.

The sensor lights, he revealed, cost him just £15 at Home Bargains and they're able to be removed and placed into any other room you want.

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Sharing the hack, LADBaby added that you don't even need the sun to charge it – as long as there's enough light outside, the sensor lights will power up.

Although this is by no means a long term solution, many have since praised the YouTuber and claimed that ''they'll never turn on their lights again''.


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