I’m a professional cleaner & always see the same mistakes – there’s a RIGHT way to wash your microfibre cloths to start | The Sun

YOU might think you're cleaning your home properly, but that probably isn't the case.

Cleaning professional Jaqueline Stein, shared five of the major mistakes she sees people make time and time again, and they're so easy to fix.

According to the pro, people have no idea their cleaning products can expire, which is the first mistake they make.

Just like your favourite grub, some cleaning products have a best before date, which means they might not be doing their job very wellif they've been sat in your cupboards for years.

"Avoid buying in bulk if you aren't able to use them all before expiration time," she wrote.

The cleaning guru said most dish soaps need to be used within 18 months, baking soda should be replaced after two years and so should all-purpose sprays.


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The next mistake people make is washing microfibre cloths wrong – they should always be cleaned on their own to "maintain the fibres" instead of in a mixed loads of laundry.

You can also wash them by hand if you want to ensure they don't come out fuzzy.

If you don't want streaks on stainless steel appliances, wiping them down with dish soap and warm water before any polish is a must.

"Polishes claim to clean, but they just polish," Jaqueline explained.

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You shouldn't use the same product to clean everything either. Although some multi-purpose cleaners a great for tonnes of jobs, but not everything.

Bleach also shouldn't be used for the majority of your cleaning, the pro said.

Finally, you should never ignore hidden spots in your house when deep cleaning.

"Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't have to be cleaned," the cleaning whizz said.

Of course, you don't have to clean behind your sofa as often as other areas, but you shouldn't forget about it altogether – there's probably a lot of dust down there.

The pro said: "Make sure you are moving furniture and cleaning under and behind it because dust travels in the air and could be what is causing dirt in your home."

Other keen cleaners couldn't believe they'd been making the basic mistakes.

One commented: "I didn't know cleaning products could expire. Time for a large trash bag!"

A second said: "I heard you don't use cleaning products at all on microfibre cloths, but I didn't know about washing separately."

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