I’m a pro stylist and my simple tips will instantly make you look skinny – even just a necklace can knock pounds off | The Sun

MOST of us want to look sleek and slim when we get dressed in the morning.

And there a few tweaks you can make to your outfit that will instantly make you look a dress size smaller according to this fashion whizz.

Christie Ressel shared her clever tips and tricks and they're so easy to try yourself with things you probably already have in your wardrobe.

Wear more fitted clothing

It might seem counter intuitive but the fashion whizz insists that it's the way to go.

She explained: "I'm not talking about something skin-tight, I'm talking about something that follows the lines of your body beautifully, not really clingy clothing."

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It turns out that the oversized trend only really works if you're petit, "If you wear oversized, you will look oversized," Christie said.

Stick to monochrome looks

Only wearing one colour for you whole outfit can make you look noticeably slimmer too.

This is because there's less colour blocking that breaks up your body and makes you look bigger, with one colour the eye goes straight up and down, so you'll look slimmer!

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It doesn't matter what colour you wear, as long as it's all the same from head-to-toe.

Wear long layers

In the winter this could be a long coat or jacket and in the warmer months you can opt for a thin cardigan, shirt or blazer.

Christie said: "The line that's created at the front of your body with some of those pieces is this really beautiful silhouette that helps the eye travel downwards.

"It creates a really beautiful lengthening and elongating effect on your body, thus making you look slimmer as a result."

Add a long necklace

Adding jewellery to any outfit can help elevate your look, but if you want to knock off a few pounds wearing a long necklace can do just that.

"You want to make sure they fall past your bust," Christie expalined.

She added: "If you have any kind of definition closer to the small of your waist, that's usually an area you want to highlight.

It doesn't have to be a fancy necklace, "a basic chain will do the trick," the pro quipped.

Wear pointed shoes

They might not be the most comfortable style of shoe to wear, but the truth is your trainers are doing your no favours.

Switching to a pointed toe can help elongate and slim your figure.

Don't worry, you don't have to wear pointy stilettos everyday, there are plenty of pointed flat shoes to chose from as well.

If you want to go the extra mile, picking shoes that are a similar colour to your skin tone can add to the slimming illusion.

Look for clothes with pannelling

Dresses and tops that have panelling on the sides can instantly make you look loads slimmer.

This is because they create the illusion that your frame is much smaller than it actually is.

Christie explained that even dresses with "fun details" on the sides can create the same effect.

Keep the details to a minimum

If your dress has a bright pattern or design, make sure the rest of your outfit is pretty neutral.

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The fashion whizz said: "When you wear something busy, there's more for the eye to focus on."

This can make you look much bigger than you actually are, so sticking to more simple and chic designs can help knock off a dress size or two.

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