I’m a makeup artist – the mistakes that are aging you, and how to disguise crepey skin | The Sun

AS we age, our collagen levels decrease, which makes our skin appear thinner and more wrinkled.

A TikToker has revealed the steps you can take to minimize the appearance of crepey skin.

TikTok user Jamie Makeup shared her tips for disguising crepey aged skin.

Crepey skin refers to thin skin which is finely wrinkled and resembles crepe paper.

The makeup expert revealed that using powder products on areas that appear crepey can actually highlight the issue.

"Using cream or wet formulas over powder formulas, because a lot of times powder, especially if you have the wrong color, will highlight the crepiness," she explained.

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"If you have a lot of texture and crepiness around the eyes, obviously hydration is great but we definitely want to be using an eye primer," Jamie advised her followers.

"And know where to out your product," the makeup expert continued.

"Use less product, especially in areas where you are more crepey," she said.

Jamie explained: "A lot of crepiness, wrinkles, whatever you want to call it, they usually are caused by loss of collagen."

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She recommended looking for products that can help increase circulation and collagen production.

Jamie also suggested getting facial fillers if you are still unhappy with your crepey skin.

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