I’m a hot policewoman – suspects flirt with me all the time and other officers want to date me | The Sun

A POLICEWOMAN has told how she’s so hot that suspects would flirt with her all the time.

Bella Lexi, 47, was a cop for more than 25 years until she quit in 2021.

The ex-lieutenant claims colleagues and citizens alike couldn’t keep their eyes off her on the Colorado beat.

She says: “When I was a line deputy I did have my partners and officers from other agencies flirt with me.  

“I would take it as flirting and joke back with my coworkers and I did date cops from other agencies, not my own.  

“As a Sergeant and Lieutenant I never flirted with my staff.

"I could tell sometimes officers were flirting with me but I never fed into it or entertained it, I kept that line very clear.  

“Suspects, citizens, and inmates flirted with me all the time.  

“They would call me honey, baby, sweetie, darlin' you name it.

"I would always correct them that the only respectful things to call me were ma'am, deputy, sergeant or lieutenant depending on the position I held at the time.  

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“Citizens would joke and flirt with me quite often and I took it in stride.”

Bella adds: “I have been on many bar checks or responded to loud party complaints and would be mistaken for the ‘entertainment’ versus a real officer.  

“There are many citizens that have pictures with me after realising I was a real officer and the embarrassment cleared because it was a part of their event or party story.”

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