I’m a fashion whizz – there are 5 things to look for when buying jeans – the wrong style makes your bum look way bigger

FINDING the perfect pair of jeans can feel like an Olympic sport.

Going into a shop to blindly browse the denim options isn't the way to go, you've got to know what you're looking for.

Even if you know the style of jeans you want and your size, it isn't enough.

Knowing exactly what to look for can make the hunt for perfect denim a breeze.

According to fashion whizz Megha Seehra, there are five things that you need to keep in mind when doing the all important jean shop – failing to do so can make you look so much worse.

Zip length

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"Quality jeans will have little to no space between the zipper and the crotch area," the pro explained.

If there is a gap in-between it's best to avoid them, not only is it a tell tale sign that they're cheaply made, no matter the actual price tag, but a small zip will also make your stomach look bigger, according to Megha.

Yoke section

The yoke section is the line above the pockets but below the belt section which gives jeans their curved seat.

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Go for a pair of jeans with a deeper V-shape on the back for a more perky looking bum.

Try to avoid denim with a straighter yoke section, since it will make your bum look flatter than a pancake.

Pocket size and placement

"Always remember that pockets placed further apart will make your bum look wider," Megha warns.

If you want to avoid a saggy looking rear, opt for denim with higher pocket placements and avoid baggy, boyfriend styles.

Remember that highly embroidered designs will draw more attention to your bum, which isn't a bad thing, unless you're trying to look less bootylicious.

Fabric wash

Choosing the right fabric is important, avoid overly stretchy jeans as they're usually cheaply made, according the the denim lover.

Real denim is much more durable and will last in your wardrobe longer than it's stretchy counterparts.

Megha notes that the colour is often overlooked, it's not as simple as black or blue either.

"If the jean fabric was a white wash it will highlight the thighs and bum, making them appear wider and larger," she says.

Middle seam

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If you want to give Kim Kardashian a run for her money, always check the middle back seam of your jeans.

A more curved seam will make your booty look lifted and rounder, while a flatter seam will make your bum look sad and flat.

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