I'm a doctor and you've been shaving your legs all wrong and it's damaging your skin – here's how to do it right | The Sun

IF YOU'VE ever noticed your legs feel dry and irritated after shaving, you might be doing it all wrong.

Dr Simi Adedeji revealed some of the mistakes she sees people make time and time again and exactly how you can fix them.

First of all, you shouldn't grab your razor as soon as you get in the shower, the doctor explained.

"That that's dry is harder to cut because you need more of a cutting force to cut through the hair, and using more force means you're much more likely to irritate your skin.

"For a better shave, hydrate the skin and shave two – four minutes into a shower or immediately afterwards," she said.

The hot water will softer your hair making it easier to remove, but you can also achieve the same results if you don't have to jump in the shower.


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Simply run a flannel under some warm water and hold it on your legs for a few minutes before shaving as normal.

And no matter what, never dry shave. Not only will you be taking off the hair, but the "upper most layer of your skin," Simi said.

Instead, use a shaving cream or foam to help the razor glide over your skin and prevent razor burn.

The next step for silky smooth legs is to replace your blades or razor head often – dull blades tug on the hair much harder, which can causeirritation.

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"Using a blunt blade also means you're more likely to go over the same area again and again because you're trying to get that smooth finish and this is also not good news for your skin," Simi explained.

In general, you shouldn't go over the same area more than once – if your razor is sharp enough one light swipe should do the job.

You should also make sure you're not applying too much pressure, because you can end up scraping away skin as well as hair.

"Imagine you're trying to shave a balloon without popping it, that's how gentle you want to be with your skin," the doctor explained.

Exfoliating can also help you get a smoother shave, she added.

It can "reduce the risk of getting ingrown hairs," remove dead skin cells and make the hair easier to cut – so you won't want to skip it.

That said, if you have sensitive skin it might be better to exfoliate a couple of days before shaving to reduce the risk of irritation.

And finally, avoid stretching the skin too much as you shave, it might feel like you're getting smooth results but it can lead to ingrown hairs, Simi said.

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