ICP Ready to Reopen With Crowdsourced Photography Exhibition

A CLOSER LOOK: Photography fans will soon have a destination — an actual physical one — to cull through images, when the International Center for Photography reopens Oct. 1.

The cultural institution had only taken up residence in its new Lower East Side home in Manhattan for six weeks, when the COVID-19 crisis forced the ICP to temporarily close its doors.

Visitors who make their way downtown will find “#ICPConcerned: Global Images for Global Crisis,” a crowdsourced exhibition that stemmed from a hashtag that was launched in March in response to COVID-19. It has subsequently led to more than 40,000 posts from 64 countries. In addition to coronavirus-related images, there will be ones about the Black Lives Matter movement, the rampant California fires and demonstrations against authoritarian regimes. The 1,000 images will be shown in the ICP’s largest space.

Tyler Mitchell’s “I Can Make You Feel Good” will also be on view and it has been extended. Many know the artist for photographing Beyoncé for Vogue’s September 2018 cover, which made him the first Black photographer to do so. The ICP show, his first solo exhibition, is “a declaration of joy and presence, and an imagining of Black utopias,” according to the ICP.

There will also be “COVID New York: Five ICP Alumni,” showing their response to the pandemic. Each participant had completed the ICP’s one-year certificate programs and were commissioned to shoot in New York for a month.

Crowd-averse patrons can remember when parades were routine, by checking out George Georgiou’s Americans Parade,” images of group portraits that were taken at street parades that were made four years ago before the 2016 presidential election.

All visits will require admission by timed-ticket entry. Photography buffs, who still aren’t ready to venture out, can stay in the loop through the ICP’s online exhibition, education and public programming. Monthly online curator’s tours are being held, including one Sunday. In honor of New York’s ninth annual Photoville festival, ICP’s curator at large Isolde Brielmaier will lead a conversation tonight called “Then, Now, Next.” Featuring the work of Quil Lemons and Arielle Bobb-Willis, the program was inspired by Mitchell’s show at the ICP. Brielmaier will also host a virtual tour of his show on Oct. 17.


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