I work with vets – the dogs I wouldn't own, including a type with 'neurotic anxiety' and a 'downright ugly' breed | The Sun

A FEMALE vet tech has exposed the unappealing dog breeds she'd never recommend.

From her experience working in kennels, she's compiled a list of anxiety-ridden and ugly breeds she wouldn't own.

In her video, Beanie (@potatoebeans25) highlighted why she keeps these certain dogs out of her household.

She has three dogs, but none of them cause problems for her as six breeds would.

First, Beanie has no interest in being a mother to a doodle.

According to her, all doodles are prone to allergies and ear infections.

If you don't have a lot of energy, you shouldn't get one either because they're hyper and have a lot of attitude.

To Beanie, doodles aren't the most attractive-looking dogs she's seen.

Next, Beanie swore she would never own a soft-coated wheaten terrier.

Not only does she think they're ugly, but the mess they leave behind is also massively unattractive.

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They splash their water around, drool, poop, and pee everywhere.

You must be extremely patient and attentive to them because they have bad anxiety.

But German shepherds are worse, as they have neurotic anxiety, she said.

This breed requires professional training to maintain its energy levels.

Beanie doesn't like the way German shepherds bark, have too much hair, or their hip dysplasia.

French and English bulldogs also have hip dysplasia too.

Also, their allergies, breathing problems, digestive issues, and out-of-control drool makes it difficult to care for them.

Though huskies demonstrate anxiety and bark a lot, they're also super destructive.

All their hair doesn't make them more appealing to Beanie, either.

Lastly, Beanie has no interest in owning an exotic and micro bully.

She finds this breed ugly and doesn't want to deal with all the health problems they have.

Many viewers agreed with Beanie's must avoid dog breeds.

"I have a husky mix. You nailed him entirely, like his whole self constant screaming, chewing, and shedding," one owner admitted.

"Hard agree," a TikTok user commented.

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One experienced woman wrote: "As a dog groomer, I agree with this list."

However, one opposer said: "Huskies are always on the do not own list, but I love mine."

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