I work in an ice cream shop and get so sick of customers always asking if I've got strong arms… the answer is no!

WITH temperatures increasing, so too is the demand for ice cream.

And while business will be booming for The Milking Parlour in the Lake District, there's one thing that the employees there can't stand – when customers say the same thing all the time.

"POV: you work in an ice cream shop," they wrote in a TikTok video.

"Plain, no toppings – don’t adulterate it," is a comment people often say while ordering ice cream, while customers always say: "I bet you’ve got really strong arms".

The Milking Parlour workers are also frequently asked "Which is your favourite?", "I couldn’t work here, how do you not eat all day?" and "Do you get to eat the ice cream?".

They captioned the video: "We get asked if we’ve got strong arms almost hourly (and the answer is no)."

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"Honestly people say the second one to me loads," another ice cream shop employee commented on the clip, referring to the strong arms remark.

"Don’t forget the 'you tubers' saying 'hey, instead of telling you what flavour I want, choose a flavour for me'," another wrote.

"I don't work at an ice cream shop but I can bet 'you're so thin to be working here!' or 'if I worked here I'd gain so much weight' are also said lol," someone else added.

Another thing The Milking Parlour workers can't stand is when people mispronounce one of their most popular flavours.

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"No, don't say that," she lip synced as she wrote over the video: "When people call Lotus Biscoff ‘Biscoffi’."

"It happens so often too," she wrote in the caption.

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"My posh aunt and uncle call it biscotti and when they were talking about it i just pretend to know what they meant until i figured it out," one person commented on the video.

"It annoys me so much," another wrote.

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