I Tried This Outer Banks Star's Skin-Care Routine For My Acne, and It's a Game Changer

I Tried This Outer Banks Star’s Skin-Care Routine For My Acne, and It’s a Game Changer

Outer Banks’s breakout star Madelyn Cline (who plays Sarah Cameron) and I have a lot in common. We both enjoy playing The Sims a little too much, we pull off a gray bandana better than pogue king John B., and we both have a history of struggling with cystic hormonal acne. The latter is exactly why the moment I found her skin-care routine, I knew it’d be worth trying.

Last month, Cline showed off her nighttime routine for Harper’s Bazaar, and since then I’ve watched the video several times, dissecting her techniques. I’ve even watched videos of estheticians break down the regimen and give it two-thumbs up. Even though I knew it all seemed legit, I noticed that there were some things about Cline’s routine that weren’t like mine. For example, I don’t go a day without using an exfoliating toner on my skin, whether it’s packed with AHAs or BHAs. I’ve also never used baby oil to wash my face and I usually wear my vitamin C in the day — not night (i.e., vitamin C doesn’t mix well with acids. See: my love for exfoliating toners). But, since I started social distancing, my skin has become fussier than usual and treating my breakouts has become a top priority, so why not give her routine a shot?

Soon enough, I ordered Cline’s products, dug up an old bandana, and set out to try the kook Cline’s routine. But beware if you try it, too — you might never go back.

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