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A SAVVY mum has revealed what happened when she switched her weekly food shop to Farmfoods – and was left stunned by how much she managed to nab for her freezer. 

Sarah took to TikTok to share her first impressions of the frozen food store, after stocking up on a range of essentials to feed her family of four. 

But she was left stunned by some of the prices – and how much she managed to get for her money. 

Known online as @shopandstylewithsarah, she regularly shares her bargain food and charity shop hauls with her 647 followers. 

In a new reel, she said: “So I've just been food shopping and today I went to Farmfoods. 

“I never go to Farmfoods, so let me show you what I got.”


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During the three-minute video, Sarah shows the four huge bags she managed to fill for £130, including a load of vegetables and meat for her freezer and snacks for the cupboards. 

She continued: “Bag one, this is in such a weird order today. So I've got a few of these like Naked noodle things. I like these but I've never seen packs like this so I'm gonna try them.

“Cheese, a big butter. I got four packs of yoghurts… fish fingers, chips. The tins and jars for the week. We didn't really need many tins but I love that carbonara sauce.

“Bag two literally has a huge bag of pasta, two boxes of Weetabix Minis, cereal for myself, shower gel for my other half and a washing-up liquid.

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“Bag three is all of the frozen because if you don't know what Farmfoods is, they are mainly like a freezer specialist.

“These 1kg shoulder joints of pork, £2.99 each. How good is that?

“And then this is just everything else that I got. I'm really excited to try these Birds Eye things here.”

For her freezer, the keen bargain hunter also picked up two bags of Richmond sausages, a pack of fish fingers, some frozen sweetcorn, peas, chicken burgers and potato Alphabites. 

She continued: “Bag four is the bread, the crisps and a couple of odd bits that I've thrown in.”

Included in her haul was a range of white rolls, crumpets and sliced bread, and for snacks, the savvy mum also grabbed some Maryland Cookies, toasting waffles, and two multi-packs of own-brand crisps. 

For her cupboards, Sarah also picked up a range of sweet treats, including Wagon Wheels, Gold bars, as well as a couple of bottles of fizzy drinks and squash. 

She also shared what she bought for speedy lunches, including instant noodles and Mug Shot pasta sachets. 

At the end of the short video, she revealed how much she spent, adding: “So for everything I got in Farmfoods, absolutely massive receipt. 

“Honestly, I was really pleasantly surprised, they have a really good variety of stuff, and they’ve got loads of things on three for £10, four for whatever. 

“So ti is quite good, you get to mix and match, and it does make it cheaper.

“So for everything I bought in Farmfoods, that came to £130.14, which I don’t actually think was too bad.”

She also revealed she spent another £12 grabbing the bits that were out of stock in Farmfoods from Morrisons. 

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Fans loved her honest haul, with the video gaining more than 30 likes and 700 views. 

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “Love Farmfoods don't forget to download the money off vouchers on Farmfoods Web site.”

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