I invited all my Bumble matches to a bar for my ‘bachelorette moment,’ people say it’s a reality show they would watch | The Sun

A WOMAN has channeled her inner "The Bachelorette," when she invited many of her Bumble matches to the same bar.

She sought to find the weakest link in a crowd of potential suitors, and many people online were so invested in the real-life reality show.

Danyelle Noble (@danyellenoble) is a content creator in her early 30s based in Jupiter, Florida.

She is very vocal about her dating life, both online and in person.

In a TikTok video, she showed viewers the awkward scenario where she invited all of her Bumble matches to the same bar.

The five-second video consisted of the camera held out in front of her as she panned around an outdoor bar environment.

"POV: You invite all your Bumble matches to the same bar, so you can have your own bachelorette moment and see who makes it to the end of the night," the subtitle read.

The faces of the men were not visible, but it looked like there were many bodies in the room.

It's unclear whether her intentions were to make a serious connection or she did it simply for comedic relief.

"It's about to get real good up in here," she wrote in the video caption.

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The situation was a classic case of "may the best man win."

There were mixed opinions in the comment section of the video with some people praising her and others displeased with her behavior.

"Now, this is a reality show I would watch!" a fan commented.

"Honestly, this is how dating used to be. You would have to meet several eligible people in one spot at given times. So actually healthier," another added.

"Not toxic at all," a male viewer wrote.

"I did this and it was the most stressful night of my life because none of them knew my plan and I kept running back and forth around the venue," a TikTok user shared.

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