I hate spending money on beauty products, I use cat litter as a face mask and animal shampoo

A BEAUTICIAN who hates spending money has revealed that she gets all of her beauty supplies from a farm.

Pelin Mathis from Georgia, is a self-confessed cheapskate, and treats her clients to face masks made from cat litter and creams made from udder jelly.

And with a big bridal party expected in the salon, Pelin makes a special trip to the farm to collect more supplies.

Speaking on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, Pelin says: “The most expensive thing about having bridal parties at the shop is that they want expensive lotions, expensive creams.

“I actually figured out a way I can host these bridal parties without spending very much money at all.”

Pelin explains that many of the ingredients found in salon beauty products are the same as basic animal products.

“Clay kitty litter has the exact same ingredients that you would find in a $200 clay face mask,” she says.

Pelin also purchases some Mane n Tail horse shampoo as well as two big tubs of udder jelly, which is essentially petroleum jelly.

She says: “I have about 50 ways to use petroleum jelly. You can use it for your lip balm salt scrub, a foot scrub, you can use it for just about anything.”

She adds: “If I had gone to the beauty supply store I probably would have spent well over $100 so it worked out perfectly.

“To have more money in my pocket just makes me feel good.”

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