I hate cooking for my fussy kids so now I don’t bother anymore, I pay someone £50 to do it for me

A MUM-of-three has confessed she hates cooking for her fussy kids so much – she pays someone to do it for her. 

Claire Haiek, from Sydney, says she doesn’t mind cleaning but admitted she ‘hates cooking’.

While she can tolerate whipping up a meal for her husband, slaving over a stove every day for her ‘picky kids with varying tastes’ had become a chore. 

She told Kidspot: “We usually get take-away once a week and I'll throw a load of chicken nuggets and whatever I can find into the oven or the air fryer every now and then.

“I don't mind cooking for my husband who appreciates it, but having to do it every single night of the week with picky kids with varying tastes and aversions sucks the enjoyment out of it.”

Claire decided that rather than forking out for a cleaner, she’d rather pay someone to make her kids' dinner. 

The mum shells out £49.22 ($89) a week for a food delivery service, called Hot Potato, which is tailored for kids. 

Her brood – Samuel, 12, Charlie, 10 and Olivia, six – now enjoy chicken dumpling sausage rolls, salmon and sweet potato nuggets and bolognese, all delivered to the door frozen. 

Each meal comes with at least two vegetables, but Claire says she often tops it up with some of the kids’ favourites, including raw carrot. 

Claire noted: “While it's probably not the most cost-effective way of feeding your kids every day of the week, Hot Potato definitely has its place to help exhausted parents out of a rut.”

She said busy parents have seven nights a week to think up a dinner – six if you get a take-out – and the meal service allows her to have ‘a night off’. 

Claire claimed they’re ‘reducing the mental load’ of planning and prepping food, saying it’s ‘absolutely worth it’. 

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