I grew up living with three dads under one roof – I had no idea it was weird until friends told me

EVERY family has their own quirks and traditions, but one woman said she grew up living in a house with her dad and mum – but also with her mum’s ex-husband and current husband.

Raquel Soyka baffled TikTok after revealing her slightly unconventional childhood, living with three dads all in one house.

She explained that she lived with her mum, her mum’s first husband known as “Bill Daddy,” then her current husband “Daddy Rich” and her own father – “Daddy Pete.”

Raquel said: “We’ve been living together for years and years and years.

“I started going to friends’ houses and then I saw that some of their mum’s were re-married.

“And I’m like, ‘oh where’s their first husband at? Is he at work or something? Why isn’t he here?’

“And they’re like, ‘why would he be here?’”

She would then go on to explain that her mum’s first and current husband and her dad all live under one roof.

She said: “I just figured that everybody does too.

“I thought that was normal

“And they’d go, ‘yeah that’s not normal, Raquel’.”

This may not be the conventional set up for most families, but it definitely grabbed people’s attention.

One follower wrote: “I hear an ABBA song coming on!!!”

Another said: “Three men leaving socks on the floor. No thank you.”

A third commented: “What in the full house.”

Gripped by Raquel’s story, she went onto explain how her mum married Bill Daddy when she was 17 and had a child but ended up getting divorced.

Her mum then married Daddy Rich and hard two children and then they got divorced.

Raquel explained that when her mum was 44 years old, she met Daddy Pete and ended up having a baby – her.

After having Raquel, her mum got re-married to Daddy Rich and they are still married.

Then a couple of years ago, when Raquel was living with her mum and Daddy Rich, the other two dads had some health issues, so they moved into her family home.

With three dads under one roof, Raquel insisted there was no arguing amongst the men.

She said: “It was mainly my mum arguing with all three of them.”

Raquel’s video has been watched over 254,000 times and racked up 42,300 likes in just four days.

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