I got so drunk with my work pals we all got ridiculous tattoos – now trolls say we should be sponsored by Tattoo Fixers

Hands up if you've ever woken up after a boozy sesh filled with regrets from the night before?

But if it's just the hangover you're worrying about, then think yourself lucky.

One woman known online as Candy, from the UK, took to TikTok and shared a short clip from inside a tattoo parlour and explained: "Getting drunk with your work mates and getting the most ridiculous tattoos you can think of."

In the video, she and her friends can all be seen taking it in turns to sit in the hot seat and get a random inking of their choosing.

While one of the women received the Nike tick logo, another got "West Ham till I die."

A third could be seen with the words "material girl" crossed out to instead read "garlic girl".


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The post has garnered over 585,000 views and an impressive 58,000 likes.

But while the women, who are all orthodontists, saw it as a bit of harmless fun, others took to the comments section to slam their impulsive decision.

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"Sponsored by tattoo fixers," wrote one.

A second commented: "The West Ham one is so bad – the rest I could deal with."

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A third added: "You just know the West Ham one woke up and crieddd."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Literally should never ever get tattooed drunk, alcohol is a blood thinner. Pls don’t encourage people to turn up to appointments intoxicated."

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