How Molly-Mae Hague has spent £5.8k REVERSING cosmetic procedures to look ‘natural’ – as she reveals ‘yellow’ real teeth

MOLLY-MAE Hague has been getting a lot of her cosmetic procedures reversed recently as she embarks on a journey to achieve a more ‘natural’ look. 

Experts have estimated that the social media influencer, 21, has spent over $8,000 (£5,800) on regular procedures and is now paying thousands to have them reversed. 

She is believed to have had her lip filler and jaw filler reversed as well as being in the process of having her veneers or composite bonded pearly whites ‘toned down’. 

It has been estimated that Molly-Mae could have spent over £6,000 on injecting filler and removal procedures and at least another £2,000 on her teeth. 

The social media influencer is having her perfectly pearly white teeth ‘toned down’ to make them look more natural.

Molly revealed in a recent blog that she has had her composite bonds removed, to reveal her natural and “extremely yellow” teeth.

Showcasing her new smile with her old teeth, Molly said that it was a “lot smaller and doesn’t fill her mouth as much.

“As you can see they are a bit yellow which is kind of disgusting but they haven’t been touched for about two years.

“The main thing for me was to make sure my teeth were in good condition and my gums were in good condition because I got my composite bonds when I was 19.

“I don’t think that was a particularly smart move to be doing that so young when I didn’t need to.”

She admits she will be returning to the dentist to have her teeth whitnened because her teeth are “as yellow as the sun.”

Following her visit to the dentist she added: “I now have my natural – slightly altered – teeth. As you can see they are still extremely yellow.”

Molly explained how attempting to immediately whiten her teeth after the removal of her bonds had caused extreme sensitivity leaving them a ‘gold-y shade.’

Dr Nikki Izadi, Dentist at White and Co said that composite veneers usually range between £200 to £400 each depending on the amount of tooth coverage required.  

While additional costs may apply for planning – for example carrying out a trial-smile ‘wax-up’ prior to finalising the shape of the veneers.

She says: “Most patients have high expectations when they are looking to perfect their smile and investing a lot of money to do this. 

“It is totally reasonable for patients to have high expectations, and the clinician needs to match this by having the skill to deliver. However on occasions, a patient may have unrealistic expectations and look for a level of perfection that cannot be delivered. 

“Just like false nails, veneers will eventually need to be replaced. Sometimes they require replacement sooner which can be as a result of different factors.”

Molly-Mae’s pearly whites may have cost her up to £1,000 but are likely to have cost similar to have them changed or removed as she ‘reverses’ her treatments. 

The dentist added: “I would suggest the patient goes back to their existing dentist otherwise going to a new dentist will cost the full price of £700-1000 for removal. 

“Usually before cementing in the veneers, the dentist will show the patient the final veneer and make sure they are happy with it. 

It looked like I had jowls. I had a square head, blockhead

“The only way to reverse veneers is to break the existing veneer and replace it with a new one, therefore at the least, the patient is usually expected to cover the cost of the laboratory fees with their existing dentist.”

In October the reality star revealed her decision to have her lip fillers – which she has had since she was 17-years-old – dissolved in favour of a more natural look.

According to cosmetic surgeons, lip fillers can cost up to £500 per ml and last around six months – so Molly-Mae could have forked out up to £6,000 over the years on the procedure.

She opened up about her love for natural lips, revealing that she doesn’t miss her “lumpy bumpy horrible filler”.

She took fans on a journey to have her lip filler removed on her YouTube channel. She said: “This is something I've been putting off now for the last six months. I am getting my lips dissolved. My lip filler journey has been a very, very long one. 

“I've been getting my lips filled with filler since I was about 17 which is literally ridiculous. I want to talk you through the process of undoing.”

Cosmetic doctor, Dr Marco La Malfa at EF Medispa has seen a 50 per cent increase in enquiries relating to a ‘lip filler reset’ since the start of the pandemic.

“Many of the people I am treating for this are having the same treatment at Molly-Mae because they’ve spent a lot of time looking at their plumped up lips on Zoom calls and are now looking for a softer, more natural shape,” he explains. 

“Other people see celebrities like Molly-Mae getting their plump lips dissolved and follow suit by doing the same.”

Dissolving lip filler is a treatment that can quickly break down dermal filler safely and involves having hyaluronidase injected into the lips. 

The cosmetic doctor said the dissolving treatment is often used for people who have over plumped their lips or have been left with lumps after overfilling or bad injection techniques. 

Dr Marco says: “If Molly-Mae has indeed been having the lip filler treatments since she was 16/17 and is now 21, then that’s nearly six years of lip fillers. 

“With them costing anywhere from £500 per ml, and lasting six months, that works out to a total of up to £6,000 in six years that she’s spent on lip filler procedures.

“In addition to that there’s the cost of the treatment to get it dissolved, which would set her back approximately £250 depending on where she had it done.”

Molly-Mae has also paid out for at least one pricey jaw filler procedure since the age of 18 – which she recently revealed left her looking like she had ‘jowls’ 

Cosmetic specialist Dr Marco noted that jawline contouring requests have recently been on the rise.

While Molly-Mae revealed she hid her jaw filler as a teen from her parents – but now wishes she had told her mum, as it might have restricted the reverse procedures she is enduring.

She told her following: “When I actually had them done, she noticed, she's my mum… I wish I listened to my mum more about fillers because it's something I had to change.

"If I had listened, it wouldn't have been something I had to try and fix in the long run.

“I was trying to sharpen this area here”, she said, pointing to her chin. “But what it did was make it look bigger. It looked like I had jowls. I had a square head, blockhead.”

Dr Marco says many men and women are keen to try and create a more chiselled look like Molly-Mae – which is relatively easy to achieve with filler injected into the jawline area.

Jaw Fillers, also known as ‘The Killer Jaw’ at EF Medispa, can help to tighten, rejuvenate and sculpt your jawline.

He comments: “To give you an idea of the cost of Jawline fillers, this treatment starts from £500ml for 1ml.

“As demonstrated when Molly-Mae wore a chin-sculpting mask because the jaw fillers had left her with a ‘square face”, it’s always important to select your doctor carefully and choose someone who is fully qualified and experienced in the procedure, in order to avoid a square shape to the face.

“There’s the cost of getting jaw filler dissolved too, which could set her back approximately £250.”

While Molly-Mae is splashing the cash on having her costly cosmetic procedures reversed – she’s likely to still be maintaining her pricey hair extensions and skincare routine.

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