Here's How You Can Find The Perfect Bra Size

Finding the right bra size it can be a pain. But what most don’t know is that your height and weight all play a part in discovering the perfect fit. To make the process less stressful, UK brand Curvy Kate has created a formula for finding the ideal bra. From testing different fabrics to providing a size range that goes up to 46G, the brand has dedicated its mission to pure comfortability.

As the world collectively starts to return back outside, it’s only best to do so in the comfiest (and most lifted) way possible. ESSENCE got a chance to chat with Curvy Kate‘s Marketing Director, Kate Weir about what it takes to protect your bust properly. Read below.

ESSENCE: What is a common misconception that women have when purchasing a bra? 

Weir: A lot of women just buy lingerie from high-street retailers who aren’t lingerie specialists and stop at a DD. With a lingerie specialty like Curvy Kate, we start from a 28D right through to a 40K and 46G (UK sizes).

ESSENCE: What is the best material for a bra to have?

Weir: Most bras are made from Nylon, Elastane, and Polymide. These fabrics offer great structure, support and are also smooth on the skin.

ESSENCE: What is the best way to tell your bra size?

Weir: Here are some tips on how to tell if your bra size is correct:

• The band is firm and sits under the breast.
• The bust is encapsulated in the bra cups.
• Center wire sits flush to the breast bone.
• Bra wire sits behind the breast tissue.
• The bust is separated and lifted.
• Straps have a two-finger tension.
• The bra is worn on the loosest hook when new.
• The back band sits straight, right around the body and offers 80% + of the support.

ESSENCE: What makes Curvy Kate so special?

Weir: Curvy Kate is special because the brand creates lingerie which is not only functional, but it is also fabulous. From the colors and prints to the shapes and designs, we like to create lingerie that makes women feel amazing.

Our latest campaign — #IAmCurvyKate— is really unique, as women can shop for a body like theirs by seeing other women wearing our bestselling bras from 28-40 D-K cup.You simply choose your size and images of women wearing that bra size in our styles comes up.

For more information on Curvy Kate, visit here.

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