Haters say I'm too pretty to be a doctor – but I want to use my brain to make a living not my beauty

A DOCTOR has claimed that haters have told her she was “too pretty” to go into medicine – but she insists she wants to use her brain to make a living.

Doctor Medina Culver, who is in her 30s and lives in the USA, did a video listing all the reasons why people said she couldn’t be a doctor. 

The first reason in the Instagram clip said: “Not smart enough. GPA isn’t high enough.”

The second said: “Too pretty. ‘Use your looks to make a living, not your brain’.”

And finally, Medina said people told her: “As a female you should focus on building a family and getting married before a career.”

The blonde medic said she didn’t listen to any of them, and added: “We are constantly surrounded by people telling us what we can’t do. Guess what…stop listening to them.”

Many people were supportive of Dr Culver, who has 43k followers on her page.

One said: “You Rock! I have twin daughters applying to Med/dental school. So proud of them. You are inspiring.”

Another added: “Never listen to negative, just harness it toward positive efforts/results‼️. But you are good looking xoxo.”

Although she often uses her Instagram to champion women in medicine, Medina isn't afraid to showcase other areas of her life including days out at the pool and time spent with her husband who she wed around two years ago.

"Pretty women can be more than pretty faces….we can also be badass doctors," she writes.

"When someone tells me you're too pretty to be a real doctor," she says. "Well thank you… pretty ambitious.

"Pretty hard-working and pretty determined to achieve my dreams."

She also revealed how she was happy to pose in a bikini, despite being a doctor.

"Remember that article that was posted about women not being professional or able to do their jobs as physicians because they listed photos in a bikini….yeah me neither," she laughed.

"Proud to be a female physician more than ever these days!! #medbikini."

Her viewpoints were echoed by other professions with one pal saying: "I so agree!

"A female friend commented to me the other day how in my profession (law), I better watch what photos I post since it could hurt my image yet she drools when our male friends go shirtless."

Dr Culver also revealed how she'd been trolled, explaining how people had suggested her husband would leave her and asked her why she hadn't taken his name.

"Since I started posting reels about women empowerment and the comments that people make to women to make them feel less than," she said.

Meanwhile, a bride ditched her best friend from her wedding because she’s ‘too pretty’ and will upstage her.

And a woman claims she couldn’t get a job because employers judge her for being attractive.

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