Harry ‘pretending’ no William rift exists during scripted speech – but signs show he’s being ‘deceptive', claims expert

PRINCE Harry delivered a speech in tribute to his late mum Princess Diana and while he gave a nod to brother Prince William, despite their rift, experts claim tell-tale signs show he was being "deceptive".

Body language expert Judi James analysed Harry's speech where he spoke about The Diana Award ahead of what would have been the Princess of Wales' 60th birthday next month.

She claims that while Harry seemed to "pretend" no rift exists between himself and William during his scripted speech, there were signs that suggested otherwise.

Beginning his speech, Harry was heard saying: "Later this week my brother and I are recognising what would have been our mum's 60th birthday, and she will be so proud of you all for living an authentic life, with purpose and with compassion for others."

Speaking to Fabulous, Judi claims: "It could sound like the most natural thing in the world for a son to name-drop his brother when talking about his mother’s 60th birthday but for Harry and William nothing about their current relationship is casual or easy-going."

She continues: "As a reference in his short but clearly scripted speech the words ‘my brother and I’ must be significant, as there is nothing about the rest of the speech that looks off-the-cuff.

"It is clearly an inclusive reference to suggest unity, as though this event has been planned and will be attended jointly.

"Like the way the brothers walked off chatting after Prince Philip’s funeral, the reference is probably deceptively casual and actually the result of some deliberate planning and decisions."

Analysing the tone of Harry's speech, which he gave after returning to the UK ahead of the statute unveiling that will go ahead to honour Diana, Judi says: "The tone of Harry’s talk is rather personal, referring to ‘Our mum’s 60th birthday’, again using a shared reference and speaking in a non-royal way.

"There are glimpses of the old Harry during the brief flashes when we can see his signature cheeky smile return and he throws his hands out as he speaks in a gesture of sharing.

"With these gestures and his choice of words he does look like a man keen to either repair relationships or to act as though no rifts exist."

Studying his behaviour as he spoke, Judi adds: "Does his emotional state change as he mentions William? There is a display of casualness as he tilts his head to one side, raises his eyebrows and throws his extended hands out as though wanting to shrug off any idea of tension.

"His blink rate increases though, suggesting a small burst of adrenalin that would hint the moment isn’t as casual as he’s trying to make it look and when he brings his hands back together he appears to be touching his wedding ring, which can be a self-comfort ritual and reminder of his wife and her support."

Harry was filmed speaking about The Diana Award, named after his mum to honour young people who work to improve the lives of others.

It's awarded to those aged between nine and 25 for their social action or humanitarian work.

Royal fans will no doubt have picked up on Harry's mention of William, especially as the relationship between the siblings has become strained following Harry's decision to quit the Royal family and move to the US with wife Meghan Markle.

It's claimed tensions between the pair have worsened following Harry and Meghan's bombshell claims about the Palace made during their televised interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

The pair claimed they had faced racism within the royal family and that Meghan had not been given support while struggling with her mental health.

Both Harry and William are expected to attend the unveiling of Diana's statue in London, which they both commissioned four years ago to celebrate her life.

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