Fuming woman writes angry note to neighbour who she thinks nicked her takeaway – so who do you think is in the right?

HAVING your takeaway stolen is something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, and when the worst happened to one woman recently, she hit back with an angry letter.

After posting about the drama on Reddit, she received a mixed bag of responses, with some people telling her that she was the one in the wrong – not her neighbour.

The delivery driver dropped off her takeaway of pasta at the wrong address, and the resident that received the package kept quiet.

Since a photo was taken for proof of delivery, the woman was able to work out which neighbour had "stolen" her takeaway.

She received a refund, but was angry enough to write an aggressive letter to the neighbour she believed to be the culprit.

She writes: "Hi neighbour. I saw that you received my food! I hope it’s sitting well in your belly. I was really looking forward to that pasta.

“My delivery driver made a mistake but it would have been pretty simple for me to go outside and see it on your step instead.

“Also, I know you have it because (the company) provides pictures upon delivery.”

Some Redditors were glad that the neighbour had been caught out for taking her food, but many took another view.

One Reddit user said, “Something about this letter makes me cringe. So passive aggressive.”

Another commented, "I'll be honest, if somebody rings my doorbell, leaves food, then walks away, I won't question it.

“It’s a sign from the Gods that I was meant to have this food.”

 Another agreed and said, “In all fairness, what were they suppose to do? Go around knocking on doors and asking if they ordered food?

“Yeah, it's an inconvenience for the person that ordered it, but they'll easily get their money back."

A fourth said "Yeah majority of people wont go around asking neighbours if the food is yours during the pandemic."

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