Experts warn against TikTok fake tanning hack which could damage your skin for YEARS

EXPERTS have warned against a viral fake tanning hack that could fry your skin and increases your chances of getting skin cancer. 

Though the method might make you tan quickly, commenters say they’ve done it and their skin hasn’t recovered years later. 

A Tiktok user shared the hack, saying it would help people tan in the sun. 

She shows herself breaking up a bronzer with a knife and then pouring the powder into a bottle of Johnson’s baby oil.

While this is a totally safe way to fake tan, just adding a little colour to your baby oil, if the substance is applied before sunbathing, the results could be seriously dangerous. 

Speaking to The Sun, Dr Sarah Jarvis GP and Clinical Director of gave her insight into the hack shown in this video. 

She explained: “It is never, ever a good idea to cover yourself with baby oil and then go sunbathing. You will effectively be frying your skin. 

“This greatly increases the risk of burning as well as the risk of skin cancer.”

She added: “Melanoma skin cancers – less common but even more dangerous than other skin cancers – are linked to how often and how badly you’ve been burnt. 

“Non-melanoma skin cancers are more closely related to your lifetime sun exposure. 

“Wearing baby oil increases the equivalent exposure your skin gets.”

“Even tanning is ageing to your skin and can increase your risk of skin cancer”, Dr Sarah warned. 

The Tiktok tanning hack racked up hundreds of thousands of views, and commenters rushed to warn the Tiktok user how dangerous this technique could be. 

“Worst thing I ever did using baby oil once! Damaged my skin and it’s never been the same since. Don’t do this please”, pleaded one viewer.

Another wrote: “This is what we did in the 80s. Don’t do it. I’m so paying for it now.”

“If only they knew. I still have dodgy skin where I put it on a year later, please don’t do this”, wrote a third viewer, while a fourth said: “I did this and got 2nd degree burns.”

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